Friday, October 3, 2008

100th Post (11wk 1d)

Happy 100th Post to me!
Had OB appointment today, and got to see the twins with their fabulous little heartbeats. What a relief! I wish I didn't get so worked up, I really do, but I can't help it. I was worrying on the drive there, in the waiting room, the whole time, really. I was so worked up, even my poor innocent DH was worried. As soon as I told Dr. C about the spotting, he whipped out the sono. (Yes, sadly, I am still spotting.)
I held my breath until we saw both of their heartbeats. And then I got to watch the baby on the left show off his or her fabulous acrobatic routine which included a lot of waving around and spinning. I could have watched that all day. (How can I not feel all that movement? I mean, I know they're suspended in amniotic fluid, but seriously, (s)he was all over in there.) We didn't watch the other baby as much, but saw the heartbeat and movement, and so I'm happy. I must admit, though, this was my first belly sono, and so I was disappointed that we couldn't see the babies any better. The picture quality at my ob's office is definitely not as good as at the RE's. I'm not even posting the pic here or sending it to the fam because its so blurry and weak.
Regarding the spotting, Dr. C said it is most likely (though not 100%) from my cervix. He thinks it could be caused from standing too long, and thinks my bed rest regimen (lunch, after work, and on weekends) is plenty good. He even recommended leg stretches so I don't get clots from laying in bed so much! He predicted it could last as long as week 16, but maybe only week 14 since what I was describing was so minimal. So, that's at least 3 more weeks of this sporatic, irritating yet scary phenomena. I'm anxious to have this weekend to lie in bed and rest and hope the spotting will just freaking go away already!
Dr C did not measure their growth, or their heart rates. Not sure why. I asked about measurements, and he just said my babies were fine. He is so great, and has been doing this so long, so I didn't push. Just because I read about these things on other people's blogs doesn't mean I need them myself. But I guess I just sort of assumed that was standard.
I go back in 3 weeks, but he told me to call if I wanted to come sooner. He even stressed that if the girls at the reception desk aren't taking me serious enough to be sure to talk to his nurse and he would get me in the next day. And THIS is why I could care less about the measurements. THIS makes me feel sane and normal and validated for being a freakishly worried pregnant lady. THIS is everything to me right now.
He also told me he is only seeing me in 3 weeks, because he was afraid if he booked it sooner that I would be worried he thought there was something wrong. ;-) He knows me too well!
He is also referring me back to my PCP for the goiter. He thinks it may be a cyst and wants me to have a thyroid sono (hmmm, I wonder if they would consider taking a peak at the twins while they've got that thing fired up????). So, I need to call him next week and get that scheduled. Lovely.
I still have the spotting. And I am still upset about it every time I wipe or feel a twinge in my abdomen. The sono helped. But no more spotting would help more. So, I am committed to a homebound weekend in the hopes of getting rid of this crappy spotting for good. Just because I could spot 5 more weeks doesn't mean I HAVE to!


Blue said...

Hey - congrats on both a great OB appt and your 100th post! I'm always reading and love the updates on your progress :-)
As for your OB, he sounds WONDERFUL. I had a similar experience to you this week in that my OB also didn't take any measurements at all and just kind of glanced at the babies and let us listen to the heartbeats. I swear it is mostly for our reasurrance than anything else. Which in itself is reasurring I guess (in that they don't expect anything untoward to be going on). Also, I had one twin doing a dance while the other was chilled out - now is this an omen of whats to come??! One content, sleepy twin, verus one little firecracker!!
Sorry to hear about the spotting as well, it must be disconcerting to say the least. I hope it clears up soon - you sound like you are doing a great job with the resting, good for you. Have a super chilled weekend! Oh and thanks for the comments re the PIO shots, good to know I'm not the only one. Only a few more days to go and counting!

seriously? said...

Hey, Happy 100th post, happy healthy twins. I wanted to say that one thing I have noticed is that the sonograms at most OBs are not as sophisticated as the ones at the RE or perinatologist. I don't know if their machines can accurately measure without freaking some of us out. I never get measured unless I am at the perinatologist for specific stuff. It sounds like you have a GREAT OB.

PJ said...

Happy 100th post! My next post will be my 100th - and probably tomorrow (transfer day! Yay!).

I'm glad you've got a good OB whom you trust. That means so much. Glad everything is going so well!

JamieD said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! And congrats on an EXCELLENT OB appointment! You're OB sounds so fantastic. To me, it is bad enough when *I* know I am acting crazy, but even worse when people around me let me know they think I am crazy, too. Hang on to that one!

Your u/s sounds amazing! I can't wait until I have one of my own to share!