Sunday, November 2, 2008

Daylight Savings

I totally forgot it was daylight savings time today! So, when I got up around 8:45, it was actually 7:45. DH has to work today 12-5, I convinced him to skip church so we could spend some time together. He is currently on a 26-day straight stint, I think we're at day 14. Sheesh!

So, during our time together this morning, I got him to help me put up our wall words in the nursery. I'm waiting to post pics until we have all the bedding, etc. which will wait until we know boy/girl. But the words I chose are Sweet Dreams, Sleep Tight, We Love You, Good Night which I of course think is the sweetest thing EVER. And it fills up the wall where we will have the two cribs quite nicely. We currently only have one crib, because we had purchased it in prepaprations for our foster car license, but I plan to buy the second crib in December. Anyway, it looks even cuter on the wall than I had imagined, and I am immensely happy to have that done!

Our foster care 'temporary license' came in the mail yesterday, so I suppose we may get our first placement this week. I thought it would be last week, but what with the big thryoid/goiter/crappy doctor thing I had enough on my plate. Depending on where our first placement comes from, we may need to make an emergency trip to Target for supplies. I didn't want to buy a bunch of stuff for an infant, only to find out we got a 4-year old. So, we have just the bare minimum right now.

My friend S and I made our annual pilgremage to the biggest craft fair of the season yesterday morning. Sadly, it wasn't as full as past years. I blamed the economy and a local strike in town, she blamed the nice weather. I hope she's right! Anyway, we were mostly responsible. I bought one gift, which is better than last year when I only bought for myself! But that leaves a mere 11 people plus DH on my list, which is progress, and its still only early November. Yay me!

With all the productivity this morning, and the desire to save money for further Christmas presents, I am probably going to scrapbook this afternoon. Which I have not done in months, because I have been too tired or just too lazy. But I want to make a page of memories from my visit to see my niece M. last Spring. And one from this summer. So, that should keep me busy while DH is at work. Plus, I have the new Nelson DeMille book that I started yesterday. Shame on me for buying the hardback, and not borrowing it from the library. Bookstores are yet another guilty pleasure I will have to give up when the childcare bills start coming due. Until then, I'm going to enjoy.

In work news, I have a big week. I had an employee quit via text message yesterday, which is always nice. She is moving to take care of her parents who were in a serious car wreck, so I understand. I think my boss was so surprised at how well I took it. It sucks, but we have to move on and figure out how to make it through without her. Other people will just have to step up, and I know they will, so I'm not going to obsess. In fact, I need to call the IT Director here after awhile and see if he can't help me out tomorrow. And then I hope that with the economy being as bad as it is, that I won't have to replace her until Spring. I prefer to hire new graduates for this position anyway.

(15wk 4d)

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JamieD said...

The economy is hitting everyone hard. My mom's humane society held their fall fundraiser last weekend and it almost wasn't worth the trouble.

Congrats on your temporary foster license! It would be hard to ~really~ prepare until you know the age of the child. It will be exciting either way!