Sunday, October 12, 2008

F This (12 wk 3d)

Ok, so episode 5 of Spot Fest 2008 has begun. Still brown. Still scary. Getting annoying.

I am so freaking tired of the spotting. Seriously? Both my RE and my OB told me to rest when it happened, so that must mean its serious enough to pay attention to, even if we have seen heartbeats after each of the previous 4 episodes.

I'm thinking I caused this. I think I overdid it on Friday. (OB said it could be caused by standing too much).

Friday, I worked all day, and I was feeling good, not nauseas for the first time in months, and so I was normal. I shopped for maternity clothes over the lunch hour, I worked until after 5, came home and got ready for our big anniversary date, and then, the walking back and forth into the Coliseum for Michael Buble, that's a lot more walking that I normally could stomach. Thankfully, that concert in particular did not require a lot of standing (old people can't stand that long, either). But still, I'm pretty sure that did it. How am I ever going to spend the next 6 months in bed all the time? I'm so disappointed that my body isn't more hearty, that I can't do normal things right now.

I had finished my maternity shopping yesterday by the time I noticed the spotting, so pretty much rested the rest of the day. I did go to my massage. And I did walk around the bookstore searching for something to read - in anticipation of not leaving the house today. I have plenty of work to keep me occupied here in the bed with my laptop, but STILL. I wanted to start enjoying the pregnancy and let go of my constant fear. And the tiniest tint of brown on the tp can send me into a tailspin. Grrrr.

So, to force myself to focus on something happy, here are some pictures of some of the clothes I bought yesterday. They're still a little big, but I'm in month 4 here (with twins!), so I'm expecting to pop out pretty soon. Oh, and they're much cuter in person. No, really, they are.


Seriously? - Erin said...

Uhg. Sorry to hear you are spotting again. I wish I had something smart and funny to say to make you laugh. I do like the clothes though.

Take it easy, rest up and keep positive!

Just Another Infertile said...

I have been following your blog since August. I found it while I was googling lead follicles. I never knew there was such support out there. Reading some of these blogs inspired me to start my own. Maybe someday someone will gain some encouragement from mine, as I did from yours.

Kymberli said...

Oh, no more spotting, please! It's so hard to just lean in and calm down when your body keeps giving you reasons to spazz out. I hope that this was truly the last round of spotting that you'll have to endure.

I love the clothes, especially the striped shirt near the bottom.

Blue said...

Oh gawd, I'm sorry to hear about the spotting again. Other than to say don't worry (which is good to hear), do the docs give any reason for it at all? I remember reading some stat somewhere that at least 30% of women had spotting, so I guess that suggests that it is quite common. Still, I'm sure that doesn't give you much peace of mind. I hope the rest makes it go away quickly. Hang in there.

JamieD said...

Spotting is back?!?! Geez, it's so persistant.

Even though spotting brown isn't bad news, I can imagine how frustrating it is. To want to just be normal.

Hang in there. Maybe internet shopping instead?

Blue said...

Quick mentioned going for a massage. I'm booked in for a pre-natal massage (my first) this weekend, is there anything to be aware about in terms of positions/skin care products? I guess that its safe when they advertize as being "pre-natal or maternity", just can't help being a bit neurotic! Thanks.

sushilover said...

Sorry about the spotting. Maybe my RE was right when he said that spotting is very common with Twins. Not sure why? Do they rub up against each other or something? Not enough room maybe? Did your Doc say anything about seeing a blood clot or anything? That's what I have and it's still there although not growing so I may spot at anytime. So glad to hear your morning sickness has toned down a bit. Mine did too around 12 weeks and I was afraid that was abnormal. Those are totally cute maternity clothes, where did you get them?

Faithful Infertile said...

stupid spot! I hope it goes away quickly & does not reappear! Super cute clothes, though! :)