Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday night in Garden City

Sorry, I've been absent. My grand finale before IVF social calendar has kept me offline. Only a few more days before I hang up my beer mug/wine glass/coffee cup for gonal-f and follistim.
Thursday night, I was in KC with my friend Steph. I enjoyed a stoli doli at the Capital Grille. Seriously, you have to try one if you're ever there. And then, I tried sushi for the first time. Yes, I'm 31 one, so I'm a late bloomer I guess. But I loved it. My favorite were the spicy tuna roll, the Philadelphia roll, and the Wave roll. Anyway, I think I deserve mad props for trying something so scary!

DH and I enjoyed a fab weekend with the fam in Iowa this weekend. Hung out with my sister, older brother and their families. Went to a street dance with my siblings and my BFF from high school. Saw people I hadn't seen since graduation (ahem, 13 years ago). Like my nerdy 7th grade biology teacher who made me write so many sentences I think I could sue him for carpal tunnel! And he's still a huge nerd. DH was supposed to drive us home, but he had been playing golf with my brother and drinking all day, so I ended up being sober cab on my last weekend of fun before the IVF cycle. I see lots and lots of foot rubs in my future!

Took final BCP yesterday. Early signs of AF already tonight - light lower abdominal cramping. Lovely! Scheduled for baseline U/S and B/W on Friday morning.
First foster care class will be at our house tomorrow night. Me and DH, two other couples, and the instructor. I will be driving home from Garden City, KS tomorrow afternoon (yes, again!) and will be obsessing about what fabulous snacks I might serve our guests to make a good first impression. Expect a full report on Wednesday.
The last time I was here was Mother's Day. The drive out here is when I heard the call to be a foster parent. It's interesting to look back on the time since I was last here. I'm proud that we've started this journey, and strengthened by the memory of how this trip last time changed my life. It almost makes the boring, flat, stinky drive more meaningful. But I digress...
DH and I completed our 117 pages of reading on Sunday. So far, we have done all of the homework together - one of us reading to the other one out loud. I'm feeling pretty lucky that my husband is so into this process. While I'm out of town on business again tonight, he is installing a new lock on our hall closet door - so we can store all our meds, chemicals and sharps in there. He also remembered all on his own to get a vaccination report on our wee little dog when picking her up at the kennel today. He normally is super forgetful, so I can tell he is excited. Yeah!


seriously? said...

Glad to hear that everything is going so well. Isn't it nice when those DH remember something?!? It must be so gratifying that he is really into the foster parent stuff. Cheers to your cycle!

Amber said...

I missed a week or so and am now catching up. Man you are busy! Progress on all fronts!

JamieD said...

Don't feel bad, I am also 31 and tried my first sushi just a few years ago! Most restaurants in Oklahoma are very steak and potatoes . . .

I am glad to hear the foster care front is progressing nicely! I look forward to hearing about your upcoming meeting!