Wednesday, July 23, 2008

7 Puny Little Follicles

So, U/S this morning showed a healthy uterine lining. E2 was 460. And only seven 'measurable' follices - two on the left and five on the right.

So, starting tonight, my dosage is up from 150 to 225 IU of Follistim in morning and 150 Menopur in evening, plus I start the Cetrotide tomorrow morning (I *think* this is to prevent ovulation since I didn't have to have Lupron this time). Upping the dosage is supposed to perk up the tiny itty bitty little follicles that were so small they didn't measure them today.

Today was a very weepy day. I cried when Nurse M left the exam room. I cried when my friend Lynne called to check up on me. I cried when my friend Steph sent me a picture of us from last weekend. Three moms, Three kids, and me. Ouch.

I made it through the day at work, well, most of the day, I just wasn't feeling it by afternoon, so skipped out about 30 minutes early. I have a headache, and just wanted to veg out at home. So, I'm watching Date my Ex: Jo & Slade. Sad, I know. But it doesn't require much thought, which makes my headache hurt less.

Next U/S and B/W is Friday morning at 8:15.


I was a little disappointed with only 7 follicles. That's about how many we had when we cancelled our IVF last fall. And the protocol change was supposed to give me 'better' results and these are the same results.

So, I don't know how many follicles would have made me happy. Maybe 10?! Not sure.

Anyway, Nurse M made me feel a lot better, that maybe no matter the meds, maybe 7 or 8 follicles is all that my body will ever produce. Whcih made me a little less disappointed in the protocol.

She also said in my afternoon message that everyone at the center thinks that my cycle is going well. (Who is everyone, I wonder?) My friend Denise told me that she watches a lot of Discovery Channel and women are pleased with that number of follicles. But I want more. Nurse M assures me there will be more on Friday. I know a lot can change day to day during a cycle, so maybe there will. What do you girls think? Should I be disappointed???

Also, Nurse M promised me as soon as she saw me this morning that she has been showing my 'new' picture to everyone in the office. Seriously, they must think I'm nutso!


PJ said...

OK, I don't think seven is all that bad, but as a poor responder I maybe have a different perspective. I am surprised they cancelled you last time with seven.
I had, I dunno, 15ish last time and only three were big enough. The rest were under 10mm. They would have probably done the IVF if I'd have had five that were mature.

I think what you want, is enough to harvest but not so many that you loose quality. I think...
although I admit I'm still confused about all that and my doctor's don't seem to readily give me exact numbers. I'm gonna push for more info this time though.

The Cetrotide stops you from ovulating, I think it's an antagon type drug. Sounds like you're doing the antagonist protocol, which is supposed to be more potent than the Long Lupron.

I hope tomorrow and Friday are WAY better than today, both with the follie report and with the weeping! Sigh...

:) Hugs

Duck said...

Don't panic yet, 7 is good, it's about quality not quantity, lots of follicles isn't good either, 7 is a good number.
Hoping that you have a better scan next time.

JamieD said...

I think seven is a good number. It is plenty for this cycle and a FET (but we aren't going to worry about that because you won't need one).

I had a weepy day today, too. Besides the return of AF, the whole world seemed hell bent on reminding me that I am not pregnant and my insurance doesn't cover fertility treatments. I finally just gave up and went and cried in a public bathroom. It was not my finest hour.

Anonymous said...

I'm Sorry :(

seriously? said...

I am sorry that you are disappointed with your results. Think quality not quantity!

Faithful Infertile said...

Seven isn't bad at all!!! And remember, its early so you can still have a few more catch up! Hang in there, girl.

I'm a little nervous. AF hasn't shown yet. Last BCP was Sunday & she should have been here by now. My downregulated US is tomorrow at 10:00. Sounds weird, but please pray AF shows today!

Penny said...

Here's hoping that 7 produces 7 AA, 5-day transfer blasts for you.

I too weep all the time when my estrogen level starts getting up there.