Sunday, July 27, 2008

3rd Check Up

DH and I went together to check up #3 this morning. Nurse M said she was "pumped" about how the cycle is going as she waved yards of follicles snapshots at me.

We currently have two follicles that on the right that are above 16. And a bunch more that I didn't even bother counting (but assuming we have the same number we had on Friday, that would leave 6) in the 12-15 range. So, we are stimming for two more days, at least, and will have my fourth check up on Tuesday morning.

I'm feeling very bloated and impatient to get on with the process, but am delighted that everyone is seeing a nice, even progression. M showed me my chart and you can see a steady line of solid growth and more follicles jumping on the bandwagon. I worry about stimming too long and losing those two on the top of the chart, but this is where all the books say my RE's office will earn their money, so I'm not going to worry about that. Or at least try not to worry about it, since its completely out of my control and my knowledge base.

I have been happily distracted from the cycle by fun events with friends, which is helping to pass the time. Today, DH and I have some foster-care-related home improvement projects to tackle, as well as about 80 more pages to read from this week's homework!

And then, there is the problem of what to wear this week to work, since a) its only going to get bigger in my tum, b) I'm already a fat cow and 3) the soonest ER we could have would be Thursday. Hmmmmmm.......


G said...

Elastic band skirts! They have saved me through the bloat point of my cycles. I think I am a walking ko/hls advertisement.

I am keeping you in my thoughts, positive thoughts!

PJ said...

That's great progress! It's nice to see that more follicles can jump in later in the game. Like everyone says, a lot can happen in a day.

Let us know how Tuesday goes!