Thursday, July 24, 2008


So, if you're like me, and you really like to procrastinate online, you're going to love Wordle. Wordle is the fabulous site that has helped me to create my new banner (see above). Turning my blog into art. Which I totally stole from Glow in the Woods.

Some of the nursery furniture arrived today, so DH and I can put that together tonight. Just the crib and dresser though, not the mattress or the rocker and ottoman. I'm hoping it looks as good in person as it did online. Pretty please with sugar on top!

DH and I did some foster care homework last night, after I watched White Oleander. I had read that it was about foster care. Um, let's just say it is not the "Feel Good Movie of the Year." It was rather disturbing and didn't make me cry. Why would anyone want to watch something that wasn't uplifting, and did not give them a good, cathartic cry? Seriously?! What's the point?

Also, my pants are beginning to become bothersome due to the extreme bulgy-ness of my tum, so I dug out an old suit from the back of my closet, and the crotch hung down to my knees all day. But at least it wasn't binding. Tomorrow is jeans day, and again, I will be sporting some super-sized clothes at work. If only they would institute that pajama day I've been talking about...

If you hadn't guessed already, I'm kind of bored. Ooooh, here's a big accomplishment - I made it through the whole day without crying. Praise God! Never fear, I go to RE's office tomorrow morning and will probably make up for it then.


PJ said...

Well, I for one hope that you do NOT cry from going to the RE!

I hope it puts a big silly happy grin on your face!

seriously? said...

I saw that movie a few years back and still am not sure how I feel about it. It was so...different. I hope the furniture putting together went well!

Here's too happiness at the RE.