Saturday, July 19, 2008

One Poke Down

First stim injection is done...bunches and bunches to go!

I'm a little worried about the headaches this time around, because I was already having sinus headaches yesterday. Hopefully, its just from the paint fumes.

Ah yes, I primed the nursery last night with some help from DH. The color before was this super bright yellow, and now it will be a nice muted khaki. We like to call it fisherman's net. Well, actually, that's what the manufacturer calls it.

Yesterday was a super stressful day for little ol me. Started with my baseline appointment first thing in the morning. There was a dreaded cyst on my right ovary. So, they added estrogen to my bloodwork. When I left, I was expecting a call that would say estrogen is okay, so we can proceed or estrogen is not okay, and I would need to go back and have that cyst aspirated in the office.

Ok, so a little panic on my part. I had meetings all day across town for work. And, um, this little aspiration procedure is the same as an egg retrieval. Lest we forget that for ER we get general anesthesia in a surgery center, and we get a couple days of bed rest after that. So, seriously, I was a little worried about what the pain would be, whether or not I would be able to or want to go back to work, and whether or not I could drive myself home. But on the other hand, I was kind of looking forward to having an ER preview, so I would know what I was getting into.

So, I went to work and prepared a co-worker in case I would have to leave. RE's office closes at 11:30 on Fridays so I knew that it would be in the morning. I tried to remain calm, but I'm sure I appeared flustered and was talking super fast. Got that all set up and left to drive across town to my meetings. But the building where my meetings were at has horrible cell service. It's like cell blocked or something. So, my phone never rang, never rang. I finally called RE's office and they had tried to call, which made me feel like less of a pest!, and got the good news that my estrogen was fine and I would not need to come back! Whew!

So, I continued my day of meetings. After work, I stopped by Home Depot, picked up the priming supplies, came home, and spent the rest of the evening taping, taking down wall plates, and priming the nursery. DH came home and helped with the second coat.


Today, I have a 3-year-old birthday party to attend. Which would be nice, except its a strained situation. My friend S, is the mother. Her ex-husband, C, is an a** who doesn't realize that we all despise him and is always sentimental when he sees me like he misses me so much. And he's a toucher, so I'm bound to get a hello and a good-bye hug. Ish. In addition, and for sure the worst part, is I have this former friend, who chose C's side in the divorce, who I haven't spoken to since the fall, who will be there. A.W.K.W.A.R.D.

She and I were friends before me and S. She was my first friend in Wichita. We were couples friends, and played softball with S and C. She introduced us. But when C cheated on S with another mutual friend, this woman who will be there today, stayed friends with C and had secret meetings with him that she hid from the rest of us. And I kind of didn't like being lied to so I just stopped talking to her. I mean, I told her why, and I gave her a chance to repent, but she was indignant and angry that I cared. Um, seriously, what woman doesn't just intrinsically know that when a divorce occurs, you have to choose sides? You don't get to keep both friends. There is a lot more to this story than I will bore you with today, but she just did some crappy things to me and to S and so none of us have been talking for about 6 months. Anyway, because she is still friends with C, she gets invited to the party, and anyway, I will go because S didn't choose this. She's not friends with this woman either, so it will be difficult for her, too. But I'm only doing this for S. Otherwise, this is totally an event I would skip. And if it becomes too anxiety-ridden, then I will do the old 'stim headache' fake out. But I want to be strong, so I hope not to cop out.


And now, what you've all been waiting for. At the end of my baseline appt yesterday, I was going through my list of questions for the nurse, and when she asked Is that all? I whipped out a very flattering photo of myself stating I brought you a new picture for my file. Yes, I'm sure, she thinks I'm insane. But she took it and gave me the bad one, but not before joking that she had already posted it on youtube. Funny, funny, miss M. I could hear laughter coming from the nurses as my blood was being taken, and I can only assume that they all think I'm crazy, too, but in a totally normal, what woman wouldn't be self conscious sort of way. I hope.

So, for your viewing pleasure, I now present to you, a most unflattering photo of a photo of me that will no longer taint my permanent IF file. Drum roll, please.....


PJ said...

Whew! Glad that they didn't need to aspirate that cyst! That is my next fear, that I will have a cyst. I might literally make a list of things that might go wrong during this whole deal, and then cross them off as they "hopefully" don't happen! LOL! Sheeesh!

So why did they need a picture of you again? I didn't get a mug shot at my RE. Thank goodness!

I've been painting all week too. I'm almost done with the bathroom, and next is the hall and kitchen. I've had primer in my hair for several days now that won't go away!

Happy stimming!

Pepper said...

What a crazy day you had! I'm glad the E2 thing turned out okay. Who needs to start the stimming phase with a lovely invasive procedure? Oy!

All the best with the stimming. BTW, drinking crazy amounts of water may help ward off the headaches.

Duck said...

Crazy day! glad you can keep your cyst, I didn't get general anasthetic for my Egg Retrieval, and it was PAINFUL, all those poking of my ovaries, half them were cysts instead of eggs and it was not pretty. So I'm jealous of your general anasthetic!
Good luck stimming.

seriously? said...

Really? I didn't think it was THAT bad.

Good luck with the shots, I'll be listening!

E_Sharp said...

I can totally sympathise with not wanting to have a hideous pic of myself out there, but rest assured, the only person who should feel embarrassed about that shot is the photographer (and/or the camera it was taken with).
I wish you patience with the painting! Who does the picky trim work?? I hope you don't have to be the one to do it!

JamieD said...

I bet it feels so good to have the nursery all painted. It is amazing how a fresh coat of paint can change a room so much.

I didn't think your picture was hideous, but aren't closed eyes the universal sign for retake?!?!

Good luck with your ER!!