Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My blog is becoming kind of bi-polar - part foster care, part IVF. I don't really want to compartmentalize my life any more, so I'm going to continue this way. I hope y'all don't mind!

So far, since getting the go ahead on our basement, I have accomplished the following:

  • Ordered unisex baby/toddler bedding online (I admit this is premature, but it was on sale, and I was afriad they might discontinue it, and I really had a difficult time picking something that I liked that would work for a boy or a girl.) Oh, you want to see a picture? Ok, I'll attach it. Just this once. I should have it in 3 weeks!
  • Purchased and installed outlet plugs throughout the house (>50!!)
  • Purchased 4 smoke alarms which hopefully, my DH will install sometime soon.
  • Started gathering ordinary chemicals that have been strewn around the house under various bathroom sinks, so I can keep them in one centralized area which we will keep locked.

In IVF news, my meds arrived yesterday. I've never been one to take a picture of all the drugs, so you won't find that here. But trust me, I got 'em. I also ordered myself the second season of the New Adventures of Old Christine on DVD to watch while I'm ill with headaches, or home on bed rest after my ER. And requested some books from the public library, also for bed rest entertainment.

Not much else is going on right now. A whole lot of 'incremental' progress as I like to call it. Oh, I guess DH and I started reading our 'books' that we have to read for our foster care class. We got through about 10 of the 100+ pages we need to read by Tuesday. Hoping to finish the rest of the assignment on our road trip this weekend to see the fam in Iowa. So far, I'm enjoying going through the process with my husband and discussing the issues. I think it will be a good journey for our marriage, an activity where we can connect and really talk about how we see things.

Sorry this is so boring. Nothing funny or anger-inducing is happening this week, I guess.


Katie said...

It's so great you are pursuing foster care. It is one of those things I think I would consider doing, but it seems really huge and scary right now. I look forward to keeping up with your blog!

PJ said...

Wow! You are CRAZY BUSY!

So happy that things are coming together for you. :)

Just Me. said...

I had to go AWWW at the picture.

seriously? said...

Not boring so great to read about both things that are going on in your life!

That's a lot of outlets!

DC said...

Your life sounds as crazy as mine . . . IVF AND foster care!! Awesome. Good luck with your cycle!! And I love the nursery bedding. :)

JamieD said...

Not boring at all! Any foster child would be fortuante to live with you guys . . . you will be great!