Monday, May 5, 2008

State of the Uterus

Actually, this is more of a state of the ovaries post, but I like the sound of "State of the Uterus" let's just let it slide this one time, okay?

So, I called RE's office this morning to notify them AF had arrived on Friday, and I needed to make an appointment for U/S. Lovely receptionist (yes, that IS sarcasm) had doubts that I really did need to come in - "sometimes they do, sometimes they don't" she tells me. "I do" I reply. She begrudgingly made me an appointment for 2pm, but said she would call me back if the nurses disagreed. Grrrr. I simply had a busy day and wanted to be sure I got in, and did not sit around waiting for the nurse to call me back. It is somewhat difficult to be out of the office and take a personal call in front of all the dudes I work with. "Um, yes, its me, and I got my PERIOD...yes, that's right....BRIGHT RED FLOW.. uh huh.... yes, VAGINAL sonogram...uh huh...see you then."

Low and behold I was right. Imagine that. I felt like sticking my tongue out at her when I checked in, but since I do indeed want their help getting a child, I resisted. Plus, I might still be in the running for 'favorite patient of the year' and so I wouldn't want to mess that up!

Sadly, the most ginormous cyst in the world is still residing in my self. So, lucky me cannot squeeze in one more IUI before the June IVF cycle at my clinic and lucky me gets to go back on BCP starting tomorrow. Because I am nauseas and psycho on the pills I've been taking, I asked for the BCP that I took before TTC, but apparently it is too low a dose to make the cyst shrink, so I will get a different BCP. Hopefully, there will be no weeping and gnashing of teeth this go around. Otherwise, I might not have a job.

Brief story to illustrate how my BCP psychosis = Job In Jeopardy.
My boss and I were at a meeting where I had outsourced the training, hired the trainer, and she and I were just there to supervise and host. Now, I love my boss. She is so good to me, we are friends, I wouldn't want to work there without her. And we hardly ever disagree about anything. So at one point during day, she leans over in a conspiratorial tone (probably hoping to share a good laugh at the trainer's expenese) and says, "I don't see what this has to do with leadership." And my head spins around three times, green bile spews from my mouth, and I retort, "Well, you can just leave then!" Seriously?! I told my boss to leave. We rode together!
And so, although I don't like to ask for special requests or appear uncooperative with my meds, treatment schedule, etc. I think you can see why I thought perhaps a prescription change was in order.

Current instructions are to take 3 weeks of pill, to "bleed" and to call to get protocol. So, I should know more in 21 days. Kind of a letdown, huh?

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