Sunday, May 18, 2008

Can I have some pity, please?

Yesterday, my friend S. and I took her 3-year old to the River Festival in Wichita. The Walk Fest to be exact. And we walked 5 miles with a 3-year old, so of course we were some of the last people to leave. We parked on county property, at the TAG office to be exact. And some person decided it would be a great idea to throw a brick through the window of my brand new car and steal her purse. My poor innocent car! My friend had left her house keys in her purse, so not only did she have to cancel all her credit cards, etc. but had to have new locks installed in her home yesterday afternoon.

As you can see from the pictures, this heinous crime has put gashes in the door and frame. What you cannot see is the scrapes and scratches in the interior from when the glass imploded. Or the scars on my heart. I don't want to be disillusioned with society. I don't want to be a victim of a random violent crime. Yes, I was not physically injured. But I do consider someone throwing a FREAKING BRICK at my car a violent crime!

The police did not come to our aid, because apparently during the festival they get '40 calls a day' about car robberies. Kinda wish I would have known that little fact before I attended this particular event! Did I mention this happened sometime between 9am and 11am in BROAD DAYLIGHT!! So, the 911 lady did not care that the tag office had a security camera pointed right at my car, or that the brick was still there. They don't really seem excited about the possibility of finger printing the brick. Me, the amateur CSI, I would have this case solved in hours, but they don't have enough resources, they say. I'm trying to decide whether or not to go back and get that darn brick, just in case. Or if I should even bother pestering the detective in Auto Theft on Monday. Why waste my energy? In the course of a 10-day festival, there are at least 399 other cases to solve.
I'm lucky that I have a company car I can drive in the meantime. Despite the totally busy week I have full of appointments and travel for work and pleasure, I need to find some time to get this fixed. And make this car all shiny and new again. I know its just a possession, but do you ever feel like you just can't win? Like EVERYTHING is going wrong? I think there should be some exemption, that if you're infertile, then you get to be rich and skinny and nothing else bad ever happens to you. Like, your suffering is so great already, we're going to break into the car BESIDE yours.
I actually am dealing with this well. I didn't cry or yell or scream. But it feels good to vent. I know this kind of thing happens all the time, and I'm lucky that it wasn't worse. I just feel like now my new car is tainted. I seriously hadn't even owned it a full 7 days yet, and I haven't paid for one penny of it. Pretty sure I can't return it now and ask for a new one.
Despite my foul mood, we managed to go out last night to a friend's party, and I even returned to the crime-ridden River Festival to watch the fireworks. They had rented a party bus, and everyone brought their kids. There were probably 50 of us altogether. And no one got robbed.
In other news, I've been spotting since Friday. I'm on my second week of BCP which is following my 'natural' cycle so I'm not sure what that is all about. Guess I will have to call not-so-favorite nurse at RE's office so she can chastise me for worrying too much. But spotting on day 12 is not normal for me.

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Kelly said...

I agree that when you've been dealt a bad hand, like IF or any other disease that everything else should be easy. Sorry to hear about your car. I was once held-up by knife in my garage, even though it happened in my garage and not my townhouse I couldn't ever get over the feeling that my entire living space had been violated.
Good luck with your RE office too.