Thursday, May 29, 2008

May the Force Be With You

NCLM is kicking my a**. Don't get me wrong, I love it! But I keep getting sucked into people's stories so it takes me all evening to reach my daily quota. Normally, I can surf the internet while catching up on informative thought provoking television programs like The Real Housewives of NYC or the Real World, but with the blogs, I have to give it my full attention. I mean, I get wrapped up in other people's stories and so I turn the t.v. off. Even my friends are missing interaction with me in the evenings, texting me - are you done yet?

AF arrived last night with all her cramping and bloating. Lovely! So, called RE's office, left message for nurse, Nurse M (who I L.O.V.E. because she once told me that my ovaries love drugs which made me feel all fertile and stuff) calls back, takes my info, and answers none of my questions. Other Nurse M, let's call her M2, (who is very sweet but was on maternity leave during my last IVF cycle) calls back in afternoon. Are you ready for another round of IVF? I guess I had sort of detached myself from the fact that that's what I'm signing up for, because I only hesitantly replied, "I guess so..." And I really guess I am. Or I know that by the time I need to start injections again, I will be ready. So, confronting my readiness was a little empowering. I'm ready!

A few weeks ago, I was not ready. Looking back, I know this stupid cyst and this break in treatments was a blessing (God IS answering my prayers). I was in no position - mentally or physically - to be starting another medicated cycle - IUI or IVF. I was burnt out. I remember reading The empty picture frame in April and just feeling exhausted about the idea of starting again. Just too tired to even think about it. And now I'm all refreshed and healthy. I may or may not still have an abdominal blood vessel pricking bruise from two cycles ago. Oh wait, I do. But otherwise, I'm physically all better. And mentally and emotionally, also much healthier. It was a good break. And in a few weeks, I'll be ready to rock.

So, in case you're wondering .... I start another month of BCP's this Saturday. Am supposed to take an inventory of my meds from previous medicated cycles and call back so I can order my drugs. In the meantime, M2 will mail me my protocol so I will have some idea of what's going on. And I need to schedule some labs to update my bloodwork so all my 6-month stuff is up to date. So, I will probably wait and do that all together in one lovely call, because I am still in the running for favorite patient (sorry Sarbear) and I worry that frequent calls puts me on the naughty list with those ladies, so I try to keep the DD's (desperate dials) to a minimum.
And then (no and then!) ... DH and I are planning to attend a foster care informational meeting on June 10th.

And finally... in case you need cheering up, this video is really really old, but never ceases to make me laugh. My favorite line of all time "And which button calls your mom to come and pick you up?" Warning: There is one PG lady in this video. Enjoy!


sarbear said...

I love M, too! She is so nice. She actually called a few days after my BFN to see how I was doing! It is so nice to "know" someone that will be doing IVF with me! And, I totally know what you mean about not wanting to call! I had OHSS & was really sick & was forbidding DH to call them! Lol!

Portia P said...

Came here via Nacomleavmo.

Thank you so much for giving me a real laugh this afternoon when i'm meant to be working!

Good luck with your cycle xx

ps: not sure if this helps, but I did got there on my 5th IVF/ICSI cycle. The 4th was cancelled after i'd had a cst aspirated and couldn't get any oestradiol going on. Hang on in there.

alicia said...

yay for the start of a new IVF cycle!!! So excited for you.

I am glad to know your IUI hurt too by the way. I thought I was going crazy with all these cramps!

sara said...

Over from NCLM. I agree, it takes me forever because I get hooked into people's stories. I'm happy that you're starting your cycle and can't wait to hear how it goes.

SAHW said...

I'm loving NCLM too, but I'm having the same apartment is a mess, and I'm getting not anything else done...I'm sure there is a more efficient way, but I'm pretty new to blogging, so I guess I just haven't gotten the hang of it yet.

Good luck with your new cycle! Will be checking for your updateds.

DC said...

If you're starting an IVF round, we should be cycling pretty close together (if my goofy cycle gets its butt in gear).

I agree with you about NCLM. My hubby keeps complaining about how boring I've become since it started; all I do is sit on the computer. But I love finding new blogs and "meeting" so many great people! :)

momofonefornow said...


I am loving NCLM too but man are my fingers and eyes tired! I I can't seem to keep up!