Saturday, May 31, 2008

I had big plans for today. I had fantasies of laying in the sun on the hammock in the back yard, reading some brainless fiction, and perhaps drinking a nice, cool adult beverage.

But, I woke up to rain. Not one to let a little rain get me down, I thought, oh well, I'll just read on the couch and then I'll go tan at the salon later. And then perhaps hit the mall to get a new cute outfit to wear out tonight.

But ... H.A.I.L. no!

With my bad luck with my car lately I simply can't stomach any more damage. How big does hail need to be before it leaves dents??? Anyway, I'm stuck in the house until ... ? Which will help me to make up for the NCLM I didn't do yesterday, I guess. I also have 27 Dresses on Netflix to enjoy while DH is at work. So, I'm set, but I would rather be working on my tanorexia!


IVF#2 has officially begun! Started a new month of BCP's this morning. Does that seem as anti-climatic to you as it does to me??? I guess it just means we're on deck.


Lots of foster care news from yesterday.

  • Talked to another foster care agency yesterday. The girl I spoke with was so helpful and the most responsive of all the agencies yet. She asked such good questions, and gave me lots of new information. There are two classes we can choose between to become licensed. One is 10 weeks, more interactive with role plays in a big class. The other is a personal class, that takes 7 weeks, and is more independent study. I know there is a 10-week class starting on July 8th, and the 7-week class can be started anytime we want. Some of her questions, I couldn't tell if they were for insurance purposes (i.e. do you have a trampoline) or a good measure of what a theme park our home might be for a kid! Hope 'no' was a good answer on that, because I'm pretty sure it would be creepy for two 30-something DINKs to have a trampoline. But that's just me...
  • Found out one of my friends at work is going thru the independent study classes right now with his wife. I totally picked his brain about what the classes are like, and what they're going to do after they're licensed. They're doing the independent study on their back porch. I wish I would have known they were going to do this, and we could have done the classes together! Anyway, I am excited for them and excited to hear about their journey, and to have another person in our support network when we get licensed. Yeah!


Dreams Come True said...

Good luck with the foster care classes! IT's good that you know someone who's already doing it, even if it'd have been better if you could've done it together! Good to get another person's perspective!

That really stinks on the hail. Hopefully it doesn't last long, and doesn't leave any dents on your car or anywhere else.

(Here from NCLM)

Pepper said...

Hey, looky that! I'm also getting foster-care certified while going through IVF. We already have soo much in common. :-)

My guess is that the trampoline question has to with safety. If you'd said yes, then they'd want to know if you had the netting that prevents people from falling out. They ask a similar question about pools and dogs.

And I agree: starting BCPs was anti-climatic. Sad to say, but I almost couldn't wait to get to the shots.

Best of luck with everything (Visiting from NCLM)

Cibele said...

Here from NCLM
Sorry about the bad weather. For a change here in Kansas today is a beautiful day! Good luck with IVF#2 and foster care classes.

Sharon LaMothe said...

Hey there...Just poping in from NCLM...even though I was too late to make the list! Still...HAIL at the end of MAY...SHEESH!

Good luck with your IVF #2 and Foster care have a lot on your plate!

Take care!

seriously? said...

Ok, I have to admit it, we are two DINKs with a 14' trampoline. We just like to bounce, and it drives Riley (the dog) crazy.

Does that make us creepy?

Juicy said...

I'm betting the trampoline question is definitely an insurance thing-they asked that when I called around for home insurance. :) Good luck on that front.

The bad weather sucks, but we'll take your rain down here any time--it's nice and dry in Texas!

DC said...

I am intrigued by the foster care idea. Good luck with your certification!

Yay on starting IVF!! How long will you be on BCPs?

Chris said...

Bummer that your weekend plans were sidelined, but I hope you enjoyed your movie. Good luck as you begin this cycle!

Busted said...

Here from NCLM - Sorry about the yucky weather! It can be fun to cuddle up inside when it's storming outside though. And 27 dresses is a perfect cozy weekend movie.

Good luck with IVF #2!

Jill said...

Good luck on the foster care certification. I think that is so great. :-)

Hail storm? Jeez! Hope your car didn't get dents from it!

And good luck to you as you begin IVF#2!!

PJ said...

I love it when I find someone with a somewhat similar story to mine!

We are dealing with low morphology. I've had four IUI's, but the last one was SUPPOSED to be an IVF. It was converted into IUI because I responded poorly. And like you, all of my tests came back ok. The RE said it just happens. Which baffles me. Is that the answer you got also?

Dinks don't have trampolines? LOL!!

Glad to find you. :)

Sassy said...

Sucks about the hail, gorgeous deck though.

We really enjoyed our foster care classes and learned a lot. Ours were group classes and it was really interesting to see the different ideas and perspectives other people had. It was also handy to meet them as one couple from our group ended up caring for the sibling of the little girl we were caring or. Knowing them made it easier to keep on top of the situation.

smartypants said...

The weather is less than summery here in the Northwest too! I have never wanted to see the sun more in my life.
Good luck with foster care certification and IVF #2!!!
(NCLM is kicking my butt too!)

Duck said...

Hiya, thanks for stopping by, it's never assvice on my blog, i need to hear others opinion. I think i see it as my problem because I was diagnosed 7 years before i even met my husband so it very much feels like i'm the problem - make any sense?

hopeful #1 said...

Hail... ugh! I'm not sure about the dents. Can you see anything on your car? If so, call your insurance company and ask for an apprasial...