Thursday, April 10, 2008


Since we're taking this month off from fertility treatments, I will have to blog about other random thoughts. Wouldn't want to get out of practice!

So, today I've been thinking WTF is up with my Tivo Suggestions? Last night, I saw a new recommendation, looked in the folder excited with the possibility of finding a new favorite series to get me through, but what do I find???? Not a fabulous new reality series featuring teenagers who live a better life than I ever will? Nor another show featuring multiples? No, Tivo specially picked for me .... wait for it ... AgDay.

What is AgDay, you ask? Well, according to Tivo it is "Agriculture and Farming news." AND it is on at 4:30am on a local non-cable network channel. Who knew?! All those hours I was wasting sleeping through the night, I could have been catching up on local wheat prices and cattle futures!!

So, WTF did Tivo find in my other season passes and recordings that indicated I would be interested in Agriculture and Farming News?

Was it 30 Minute Meals? You need agriculture to buy groceries.

Was it The Real Housewives of Orange County? Oranges = Food = Agriculture.

Was it Jon & Kate Plus 8? Jon & Kate took one kid to a dairy farm last week.

Or was it Gangland? Because farmers grow crops on LAND?

I'm not sure, but I would bet that its Gangland since I just added that to my season passes. And you can bet that I triple thumbs downed Tivo's new suggestion ASAP. AgDay, pfuff!

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