Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sloth visits the RE

I had my HIV test at lunch today, which I think is hilarious to tell people. I have to have one every 6 months for our fertility treatments, but seriously, its too funny. They also re-tested me for Hep-B and Hep-C but I crack myself up, talking loud at my desk amongst new co-workers who have no idea what's going on in my life, shouting out how I "had" to go get an HIV test at lunch. Makes me chuckle each time I think about it!

Well, at first, the nurse showed me the picture of me and DH from her file, which is H.I.D.E.O.U.S and I am looking at the floor, kind of half smiling, half getting pissed because I don’t want my picture taken. DH is just spacing off. I guess they use the picture to make sure they don’t give out sperm or eggs or anything to the wrong people. But anyway, she shows me this picture where I look like Sloth from the Goonies, and I’m mortified. But she just keeps talking about how DH owns the company he owns, which she figured out b/c his profile says business owner and in the picture he’s wearing a polo shirt with their logo. I love M. and think she was just trying to make conversation, but once I saw this picture, I stopped listening. I had never seen it before, and it was taken over a year ago when we first had our initial consultation.

As we’re reviewing a bunch of things, I am still worried about this picture, and ask if they refer to me as the girl with the eye problems. Seriously, the picture is THAT bad. But she just laughs it off and says none of them are any good.

So, Nurse M. goes out of the lab and the technician comes to take my blood and while she’s drawing my blood M. comes back and says, “We were just talking about how beautiful you are. I was just asking the girls up front, and they all agreed that there’s just something about you. Your look. It’s striking.”

I thanked her, blushed, and thought about accepting the compliment, but really couldn’t take her seriously. I was still obsessed with that picture.

So, I asked if it would be okay if I brought in a better picture of me and DH for their file. She didn’t say no. She just said not to hire a professional photographer. So, you can bet your bottom that I will be sporting a photo of us from home at my next appointment.


Pepper said...

People don't lie about thinking you're beautiful. Just doesn't happen. So - Congratulations! - you're booful! :o)

seriously? said...

LOL.. That is funny. I look awful in most pictures, I am the most unphotogenic person every. I warned my wedding photographer in advance.

They were serious, people just don't come out and say things like you are beautiful or striking and not mean it. They just wouldn't have said anything!

Sweetpea said...

Hey, that picture isn't too bad. But I have to admit that it does look like you do have an eye problem. ;-)

Amber said...

It's nice to be told you are beautiful.

JamieD said...

When I went to my first orthodontist consultation, they made me smile a really, really big toothy smile so they could take a picture for my file. The picture printed out on my consultation sheet and of course I was agast. It went immediately to the trash, but that wasn't the last of it. When I go in for follow ups, I have to click my name on a computer screen. After clicking my name a GIANT copy of that picture comes up where the whole world can see it.

The worst part - I have had my braces off for about three years so that pic from almost five years ago is still following me!!