Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Midweek Mahem

NCLM is almost over, and although I can't say I've fulfilled my commitment every single day, I've still left way more comments than I ever would have before, and have discovered so many great new women and their blogs. Seriously, its been the most amazing month and I'm so very happy I did it. I would sincerely like to thank anyone who left me a comment this past month. I am so flattered that you read my rambling thoughts and found it worthwhile. Thank you.


DH had to work late tonight, and I've been out the past two nights for work functions, so I'm vegging out in the most comfortable bed E.V.E.R., watching Denise Richards: It's Complicated on Tivo (can I just say that I like her so much more than I ever thought I would? And also that I do have some standards. For example, after two episodes I decided I was just way too evolved to waste my time with Living Lohan. And I also cannot stand the cast of the Real World: Hollywood and am now boycotting the rest of this season. See! I have standards!).

After Denise, I'm going to watch some Jon & Kate Plus 8. I just finished a frozen pizza and a beer, and will soon be inhaling a ... Choco Taco.

Our local Bell stopped selling this delicacy last year, and I was missing me some Choco Taco. So, with the recent ice cream weather the search has been on to find them again. I knew I had seen them somewhere so I had been retracing my steps for a few weeks. I finally broke down and searched online for variations of Choco Taco, Choco Taco Distributors, etc. Finally, I learned via the Klondike website that their distributors are not tracked because CT's are considered impulse items and are packaged for individual sale at convenience stores. Stopped by QT on my way home from work tonight, and voila, I am now the proud owner of 4 CT's .... soon to be 3.

While my frozen pizza was cooking, I pulled out my IVF notebook, the holy document of all information related to my blood work, lining measurements, questions and answers from appointments. And so, I have begun my entries for this cycle. I noticed that I bought this notebook back on August 12, 2007 as I was preparing to move home from Houston. I still had one month before our IVF orientation class. But I was putting together a care package for myself, buying books and meditations on CD. I was anxious to get started. It seems like a million years ago.

But that wasn't my point. My point with the whole notebook bringing up thing was to tell you that I'm doing something. Or, rather, I'm getting ready to do something. Seriously, I don't know why I'm putting this off, but I just think what's the rush?

I'm thinking of calling the RE's office tomorrow with my litany of questions. I need to tell her what meds I have leftover, so I can get my new meds ordered. I actually did this inventory back on June 7th but just haven't gotten around to calling. And really? What's the rush? I can't start injecting myself with all these headache-giving (but also hopefully life-giving) hormones until the 18th. But I need to schedule my bloodwork. And I need to confirm some things in her last note to me that seem wrong, but probably aren't. So, I'm going to try to bite the bullet and call tomorrow. Of course, organizing all of my questions for one phone call most surely will give me extra points in this year's contest. And we all know how important Fav Patient of the Year is to me.

Otherwise, there is nothin doin with my infertility right now. Just waiting for Saturday to get here, so I can start my last month of BCP's before stims.

Also, no news regarding our foster care licensing, except that I keep telling more people about it and the more I tell, the more mixed responses I get. Half of the people are pleased and say we'll do great, the other half seem concerned for our safety. Maybe I'll pray for those people. Maybe we can inspire them, because although I know this will be a challenge, I feel even stronger that this is E.X.A.C.T.L.Y what I'm supposed to do right now.

Ok, gotta go. That darn Choco Taco is calling me!!!


Duck said...

Sounds like a great nite! Ohh that choco taco looks yummy... too bad I have never seen them before.

seriously? said...

OHM I love Choco Taco's. My Taco Bell stopped selling them years ago. I occasionally find them at a Wawa (7-11 type store). I think the are so yummy.

Amber said...

You are the Columbo of Chaco Tacos! You kill me. Too funny. A woman on a mission.

Hmm...Not that you asked but I think it's interesting that you are dragging your feet on the IVF thing but a few days ago you had to strap your hand down so you wouldn't stalk the county workers about your basement. Just an observation. Not saying you DON'T want to do IVF. Come to think of it...I'd rather redecorate my home than do IVF. I think redecorating is cheaper, too.

JamieD said...

I wasn't able to finish NCLM but I loved the two weeks I participated! It was tough work! But well worth all the thoughts shared and connections made.