Saturday, June 7, 2008

Random Updates

Still taking BCP's. Took an inventory of leftover meds. I have a ton of Menopur, PIO, and antibiotics for DH. Received statement with charges for DH's genetic testing from December. Called RE's office. Have I ever mentioned what a PITA it is that RE's office statement bills? I realize this saves them postage, but I need actual codes and invoices that show insurance denied or applied to deductible before I can get the funds from my HSA or FSA, so it pretty much guarantees that I have to call S. who is I think going to tell the nurses about my calls, and that will pretty much take me out of the running for fav patient of 08. She will check into it. If they charge me interest, I will scream.

Foster Care
Am still trying to decide which agency we will take our certification classes at. I finally got ahold of several different people, none of whom seem to coordinate services with the other agencies very well, or seem to be very on the ball. One woman could barely form sentences. Oh wait, I'll just copy and paste her email here. Keep in mind, I had emailed her twice, once since she got back from vacation, and this was my first ever communication from her:

no you are fine, yes i got back from vacation what a nice time, seattle. :)
you are right the nixt info meeting is june 10th at 6pm.. here at the XX office. will you be ablt to attend this? are you able to chat tomorrow sometime over the phone?

Not my typos. Hers. She was evasive when she called and I asked for an exact street address for the office, or an entrance, parking instructions, room number, etc. Apparently, this will all be in the 'packet' and she will call me 'before' or 'after' the meeting next week. Hmmmmm.

I know this entire process (not just getting licensed, but actually being a foster parent) will be an exercise in patience for me and it will be gut wrenching and nothing worth doing is ever easy. But I worry that this is the kind of service I can expect from these agencies when I'm in need and there's a wee little person living in my home. I also would just like a little higher level of professionalism from anyone I deal with in life, always. But, no more complaining, I'm going to try to keep an open mind. I am really looking forward to getting started with this meeting next week. I am anxious to move forward with the process.

My Weekend
DH is off work, yes that's right, he is not working, today or tomorrow, which has us so giddy that we can't decide what to do. (Although, I should mention that while I slept in this morning, he did go provide roadside assistance to a stranded company vehicle, but that's just the kind of guy he is). He is currently outside, supposed to be mowing the yard, but its awfully quiet so I'm afraid he's repairing some lawn equipment, which will probably necessitate a trip to the 'poh (home depot).

I would like us to go to Barnes and Noble and buy some new books. I'm thinking Such a Pretty Fat or Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett (buying books is a treat for us, since start IF treatments, one way we've cut back is by using the library more). We could maybe have a coffee there. A nice dinner date, just the two of us tonight. He suggested a movie. Now that will be a date! Of course there's church tomorrow. Maybe a few hours in the sun with my new book to perfect my tan. He wants to get a pedicure, and who am I to hold him back from his dreams? I also should roam around the house scanning for more items to sell in our garage sale. Only 2 more weeks to purge the house. Oh, and maybe a nap!

Garage Sale
I haven't mentioned the garage sale here before, but its kind of a monumental undertaking, so I thought I'd explain, so in future references, it will be more meaningful to everyone. Yes, garage sales can have meaning.

You see, for all of 2007, even though we were planning and having IF treatments and an IVF cycle, I did not live at home. I was on work assignments for in other states (back to back - 6 months in Houston, 6 months in KC), and I only came home every other weekend, unless I had an RE appointment, in which case, I flew home for that and promptly left again. And when I was away, my company had an apartment for me and a roommate or two. And when these assignments were complete and the apartments were no longer needed, there was a ton of furniture and housewares leftover. So, being the fabulous team player that I am, I volunteered to store these items in our spare bedroom until warmer weather arrived and my boss and I could sell them. We're also going to sell off some of our own possessions while we're at it.

It is at this point in the story that I would like to clarify that I work at the corporate office for a mid-sized corporation. A family-owned corporation with a tight-knit group of people who feel like we are stakeholders in the success of the enterprise, who are willing to do whatever it takes to add value to the organization. Our sales last year were over $200 million. And now, the VP of Admin and Org Dev Mgr (that's me!) are hosting a garage sale to sell off company assets. So, yes, we are a big deal. But we are also humble and cost-cutting. And willing to do ridiculously cheap-looking things to keep our net profit high.

Back to the meaningful part. I saw my husband for 4-5 days a month from February to February. It was a tremendous opportunity for my career and for my development as a leader. And it was also financially rewarding. But I'm sure if you think IF is tough, add to that, the physical distance between us, and the stress of kind of half-living at home, half-living in an apartment with a co-worker or two, and you can see why I am happy to be moving forward with my life.

So, for me, selling off this stuff, and putting our marriage back in its rightful place as priority #1, is H.U.G.E! Also, getting that crap out of our house will allow us to regain our spare bedroom so we can turn it into a bedroom for a foster child. It's like the final thing holding me back right now. One more big thing that I haven't been able to control, that I just had to let run its course. For some reason, this garage sale feels like letting go of the past and moving into the future, and it feels like a new beginning. It feels like freedom somehow.

So, when I talk about the garage sale, I'm not just talking about getting a few hundred dollars in cash, or making extra space in my basement. I'm talking about regaining my life. Finally being able to do something with my life, when I so often feel like I'm in this powerless purgatory, waiting for the other shoe to drop.


DC said...

Wow! You've had a crazy year! I can't imagine traveling so much for work while undergoing IF treatments at the same time.

Good luck with the yard sale!! :)

seriously? said...

Hey, thanks for all the updates. Your life has been really crazy, and I hope with the changes, your stress will be reduced.

Aunt Becky said...

That's a great undertaking you're going through. You're kicking butt and takin' names. Sweet.

Queenie. . . said...

You are a rock star! I can't believe everything that you've undertaken. And now, the yard sale, too. Wow.

I wish that your experience with the foster care agency wasn't an indication of how they'll behave in the future when you have a little person in your home. In my state, it doesn't get any better from here, in my experience (I don't foster, though--I just deal with child services every now and again, and get frustrated EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. It's such an important service, and it's great to know that someone like yourself is going to be doing it. The system needs more amazing foster parents.

DC said...

BTW . . . Pillars of the Earth is the next book on my reading list. It's been sitting on my nightstand for a month. NCLM is keeping me too busy to read right now. :)

Jill said...

Wow-you've been really busy! I admire your "cleaning out" for the garage sale! I need to do the same thing. It requires dedication to see it through!

Kim said...

I cannot imagine all of that traveling! Good luck with the garage sale! NCLM

starsgoblue said...

Good luck with the garage sale. I hope you had a wonderful time with your husband!

~Jess said...

Pillars is a great book! I'm reading it for the second time around (not something I usually do). I couldn't remember most of the plot from a few years ago and figured I needed to brush up before World Without End. I started on Monday and I'm a 1/3 of the way through!

The Rebound Girl said...

Keeping ourselves busy is one of the best things we can do.