Friday, November 12, 2010

Three More

11/10 - Grateful this day is over! Whew! It was killer!

11/11 - Thankful the weekend is almost here!

11/12 - GRATEFUL for the weekend!!!!!

Are you sensing the theme?! It was a big, big week for me at work. And now I'm ready to veg with my fam. Love.Those.Dudes.

Did I tell you DH got a job?! So, the boys will be in pre-school/daycare 5 days/week starting on the 22nd. They're already going one day / week to Mother's Day Out at this pre-school, and I know the structure environment will be good for them. I'm happy for the extra income, and yet kind of pouting that now I'll have to get up earlier, so the boys and I can be on the road in time to drop them off at school and still get to work on time. (sigh)

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