Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sad News Fun News

I could make every 'thankful' post about the boys. I am so grateful to have them. I love them just the way they are. They're funny, cute, spirited little dudes.

Here's two reasons why. A long and short story.

1 - our dear friends here in Dallas. Probably the two people who have welcomed us the most. Lost their baby this week. The baby stopped growing at 7 weeks. They are devastated, of course. They have a 19-month old baby girl, who is adorable and fun. And they were both so happy to be pregnant again. I am so sad for their loss, and still so grateful we never had to endure a miscarriage.

2 - for the past week or so, our little Will has been taking off his pajamas sometime between 8pm and 7am. Correction: his pajamas AND his diaper. Shocking the first time, I'm sure you can imagine. Even when there is poo in his diaper, he hasn't played in it (thank GOD) and has not made pee'd or poo'd anywhere in his crib. He just takes off his pajamas. So, last night, I took an old school diaper safety pin and pinned his zipper through both sides of his pajamas. These are the flannel pajamas with the feet.

The little contortionist somehow got the pajamas down to his waist while they were still zipped up! He must have somehow got his arms pulled out of the sleeves, and then maneuvered them up through the collar. But his hips prevented him from getting them all of the way off. So, tonight, he is sleeping in the outfit he wore today to see if its the pajamas he doesn't like, or he just likes to strip and go naked.

I worry about him getting cold, hopefully he'll cry if he needs us.

I love that he has combined my intelligence and tenacity with his father's mechanical aptitude. And I'm so thankful that I get to be his mom!


Jamie said...

I am so sorry for your friends. They are in my thoughts.

That is too funny about Will! He is a determined little guy. Skeeter has recently discovered peeing. As in, he makes himself pee when his diaper is off so he can watch it. He never does it on the changing table but when I give him his bath - either when he is naked going in to the tub or naked coming out of it - I have to undress & re-dress with lightening speed. At first I thought it was an accident but now I can tell he is definitely doing it on purpose.


Faithful Infertile said...

Love keeping up with you on your blog. Marleigh is doing well. Talking up a storm and is so very smart. She counts to 10, knows some of her ABC's, knows 3 colors, and most of her shapes. Drs. are amazed at her. She has NO long term effects from being born at 26 weeks. Oh and.... I'm pregnant again! Shhhhhh.... only 5 weeks, though! Of our 2 icebabies, one survived the thaw and we transferred it on November 5. :) Take care of yourself!