Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Family Pics

Grateful my crazy photographer FINALLY delivered our family photos today. Only 2.5 weeks late, and after the following excuses (lies)

  • My email didn't go through

  • They were lost in the mail

  • My father in law has cancer

  • My grandmother is dying

  • I'm in the ER with pneumonia

  • My daugher is sick

  • My husband is out of town

  • I'm going through a divorce

  • I'm in a 3-day walk for the cure

  • And the greatest of all when she showed up at my office earlier today ... I left the CD at home! That's right! She had to make TWO TRIPS over 30 miles each way to finally get the CD to me. Poor little liar!


Jamie said...

Wow - it would have been less work to just get you the CD than to make up all those excuses!

But I love the picture. You look fabulous!

Just Another Mother said...

Such a great picture!

PJ said...

Great picture!!!