Sunday, February 7, 2010

This Birthday Bites

You know what bites? Being sick on your birthday.

From a cold you presumably caught from your darling son earlier in the week.

And when you're sick, you can't diet. You can't work out. You can hardly breathe. And if your heart rate is up, its from all the energy you expend hacking up a lung. Certainly not from the treadmill or eliptical machine.

I've received approximately one million facebook happy birthday wishes, which are really sweet, and so fun. But they aren't doing me much good.

I've been in bed at 7:30 for the past 4 nights, and have resorted to napping with the boys to get even more rest.

I cancelled dinner at my favorite restaurant last night w/my local BFF who also happens to share my birthday.

I cancelled lunch with the in laws today.

I cancelled our plans to attend a housewarming/super bowl party with other friends.



Elana said...

Man, that sucks!! I'm so sorry you're not feeling well on your b-day. :-( But happy birthday anyways!

P.S. I started a reviews/giveaways blog, so go check it out.

G$ said...

Girl, I hear you!! I'm so effin sick, it's my birthday and I have a regulatory audit starting in the morning. I wish I could drug it up and push through. Instead, I'll share my miserableness and birthday with a super cool chic like u :)


Jamie said...

Your birthday sounds a lot like our anniversary. Lots of canceled plans and lots of vomiting. Yup - this one will be one to remember.

Happy birthday anyway . . . hope you are back to your self soon!