Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Stars at Night

The Stars at Night ... are Big and Bright [clap, clap, clap, cap] deep in the heart of TEXAS!!

In the most surreal experience as an adult, I received 3 simultaneous job offers yesterday - from my boss and two other division managers in our company. Simultaneous. As in all of them, in the same room, one after another, in front of each other.

They are giving me a week to decide. And I have a meeting in a few minutes with the owner of our company for his input. But, OMG, I think we're moving to Texas! Best offer. Best promotion. Best job. Best bonus. Best. Best. Best. From every angle. Except the whole relocate and re-start your life, find new friends, doctors, a new hair stylist, a new Walmart, a new commute to work, new home, sell your old home, sell stuff so you don't have to move it kind of way.

I hope to formally accept on Monday. I have a few negotiation points to work out with my new boss before I commit. But there is like little to no chance I would pass on this opportunity.

DH has promised not to tell his family until AFTER my rescheduled birthday this weekend. They live here in town, well, his mom and her husband do, and they are going to FREAK! And I definitely don't want to be around for the guilt they are going to put on him. I can almost hear it now ... 'you're keeping us away from the boys' Um, yeah. You live in the same town. And you see us 6x/year. Whatever! As you can tell, he will be the better choice for this conversation. More empathetic. I mean, I've lived here and away from my family this whole time, but they seem to forget that. Like my sacrifices don't matter.

Oh, and the other hard part. I have to tell my boss. Who will have to replace me and/or take over my duties temporarily/permanently. Her offer sucked. It was insulting almost, but not her fault, just the way they value the position she was offering. They obviously value me higher than that, if they're willing to pay the higher wage for me in Dallas. So, its the position they spit on.

Ok, can't think straight. Just wanted to share my joy! Now all the planning begins, there is so much to do just to move, plus have another radiation treatment before we go!

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G$ said...

Thanks so much for putting that earworm in my brain!

Wow, that's impressive with the job offers! I hope everything works out. Not sure how far Dallas is from you now, but it sounds like a great new adventure (where, you know the extra money helps!):)