Monday, February 8, 2010


Still sick.

Sitting in oncology waiting room.

Trying not to cough or sneeze or sniffle. These people have enough to worry about.

I think I'll call my GP to see him later today or tomorrow. I'm starting to think this is a sinus infection.

Now waiting for scans. For some reason even though the bldgs are attached, having my scan done at the clinic means my oncologist at the hospital doesn't have a copy. Um, was I supposed to request that? I thought it was assumed, as in the whole reason I am here.


Really struggling over being good on my diet and going to Panera for a delicious bfst sandwich on my way back to the office. It's just scross the street. I mean, come on?, I have cancer! Don't I deserve a little bacon, egg and delicious Tillamook cheese on artisan bread with a delicious hazelnut latte? If I'm good, then I'm staring down coffee without creamer or sugar, and some low fat/ low carb turkey quiche. I really think I'll be strong. I deserve to be skinny!

Oh, and did I mention that my bff from high school asked me to be in her weddimg in September?! Just the motivation I needed to be good. Seriously, oldest bridesmaid ever!


Elana said...

Being sick sucks. :-( I hope your scan results come back exactly how you want them to!!!

Plot2Theme said...

I'm sick too! Bronchitis caught from daughters, who caught it from neighbors. I hope you're feeling better, and that your scan bureaucracy issues work out. And Happy Late Birthday! Julie