Sunday, May 10, 2009

First Mother's Day

This is my post from this day last year.

It was on my long, lonely drive that day that I heard the call to become a Foster Parent.

Here I am, a year later, with a husband who supported that goal, a foster care license, and twin boys of my own.

It was powerful for me to thank the man from church today for his caring comment last year.

But today is a new day.

Today is my first mother's day as a mom.

My husband got me a card, and a new cup with a lid from Starbucks that looks like the plastic cup they give you with an iced mocha. It's pretty cute! I think he's hoping I don't spill as much on our ottoman - which has been spilled on more in the past four weeks than in the past four years.


I've got just two weeks left to my maternity leave. And my company is still making cut backs. My first job when I get back was to train my new trainer. Again today (yes, Sunday) my boss is telling me not to work on his orientation plan, because she's not sure he'll ever start. Hopefully, we'll have a decision tomorrow. Poor guy has no idea his job may be in jeopardy. But I'd much rather it be him, than me.

My husband has three more weeks left at his current job.

I'm too lazy to look back and see what I've posted about this. Long story short - before the twins were born, he worked entirely too many hours - weeknights, weekends, holidays, etc. And he tied up more of our personal finances than I was comfortable with in his business.

In January, he and I agreed he would find another job by June 1 or be unemployed, because we needed a drop dead date. We needed a day that I could set my heart on and know it would all be okay.

Since the twins were born, he has worked only weekdays and has been off every night at 5. And that has been wonderful.

But he hasn't yet found a new job. He has had interviews, but no offers. He works very hard at finding a new job. But no dice.

We decided we don't want to give up our spot at the daycare place, for when he does find a job. We love her so much, and twins are so hard to place. Plus, he'd only have to clear $5/hour after taxes in order to pay cover the daycare expenses.

Anyway, we have this extra daycare expense (on top of diapers and formula) and possibly no income here in three weeks. Unfortunately, he won't be able to claim unemployment, because he effectively quit his position. So, I'm trying not to stress about it. We have enough in savings for him to be off work for 6 months. But the date is fast approaching....

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JamieD said...

First - Happy Mother's Day! You have gone through so much in the past year. I hope you had the opportunity yesterday to bask in all your accomplishments!

I hope your Hubby finds a new job soon. I know it is an added stress but I would definitely choose that over losing him during evenings and weekends.