Sunday, May 3, 2009

We have had such a fabulous weekend, here in our humble little family. It is SO wonderful for my DH to have weekends and evenings off.

Yesterday, I made my weekly grocery trip. Blew my budget again. Bummer. And that was with meal planning around people bringing us several dinners this week, and figuring for the free formula samples we received at the pediatrician. Which is a long way of saying, it should have been way under budget, but mommy must have been hungry. Darn diapers, and snack food - they really add up!

In the early afternoon, DH's aunt and her husband stopped by to visit. I trust them. So, both DH and I took that opportunity to take a shower (get your minds out of the gutter - separate showers).

A few hours after that, our friend K came over and took some fabulous photos of the boys. The poor boys were so scared being naked, but she was so patient and got some amazing shots. Seriously, they are so beautiful - and that was just looking on her camera and the untouched raw footage. How will I ever choose which ones to buy?! I am SO excited to get them back, which will be several weeks from now. I can hardly wait!

And then, I can finally send announcements.

Today, we took the boys to church, and then the mall when his family cancelled lunch plans. We had such a nice, peaceful time at the mall and then Tar.get.

The boys have been sleeping for longer periods of time at night, which rocks. It's amazing what 2-3 more sleep a night will do for your outlook.

I really do feel like we have hit our stride, just this week. I can go places with both boys and not freak out. I can feed them both at the same time. And I'm not totally exhausted at all waking hours. We got here faster than I thought we ever would. Yay for us!

Here are a few mommy pics of the boys from this weekend - Will chillin' in his bouncer and Jack enjoying some tummy time.


Kristin said...

Your boys are absolutely adorable. I am so happy for you and your husband. About the diapers - I don't know what kind you use. I often buy Pampers at Babies R Us because I can use coupons there and they have a special offer of buy 9, get the 10th box free (need to sign up for the Rewards program). It's amazing how fast babies go through diapers.

G$ said...

Ahhhh! I love seeing pictures! It's like crack for me :) Thanks for endulging!

Don't stress about the BF - you rocked it for a lot longer than many other mothers. No shame in your game, especially since their weights are going well. 8 pounds! They must seem like giants now :)

Hoping your appt on the 11th is boring, boring, boring.


seussgirl said...

Hi! I just found you through another blog. I don't know if you're looking for fellow twin-moms, but I thought I'd pipe in in case you are. :)

Reading back through some of your last posts, I thought I'd give you some things that worked for us. you may have already heard them, and please don't consider them a$$vise, just what worked for us.

I used 2 boppies to feed the boys at once; that way I could give them each a bottle and sit in front of them. It wasn't the most comfortable, but it worked for us.

We also had to use a lot of formula, and man is it expensive! I don't know if you have a BJ's or wholesale club, but that saved us a lot of money on formula and diapers. And definitely ask for samples and coupons every time you're at the doctor - even if you were just there! Hopefully they have the $5 coupons for you. We tried generic and the boys couldn't tolerate it. We were using Similac, and all the generics are based on Enfamil. If you use Enfamil, they're pretty much identical.

We loved Pampers, but found that Luvs worked most of the time and were significantly cheaper - especially at BJ's.

Please feel free to e-mail me if you're looking for a connection or have any questions! (my boys are 14-months old)

seussgirl at gmail dot com

Good luck - your boys are beautiful!

JamieD said...

Your boys are so precious! I seriously don't think they could be cuter.

I have thought a lot about once the baby gets here and how I ~know~ it will get overwhelming. But you are doing it with TWO and learning to be a new mom all at the same time. You are amazing!

Sushilover said...

Hey! Just catching up on your blog. Wow, you are going out alone with both already! You are bold! I even moved a doctor appt. for them so that I could go with the hubby. My main issue is that I don't think I can lift our stroller into the car yet. It's really heavy and I feel the stretch where the c-section was done. But as soon as I can you've inspired me that it can be done :) I'm in the same boat too trying to find discounts on formula and diapers. Unfortunately we are now on a special formula that is more expensive to hopefully help with gas and reflux. So who knows what I can find with that. Question, what is this multiple club you can get free sample formula from? Is it just the brand website or something? I honestly haven't had a chance to check in on that yet. Congrats on the little ones growth! I know that is a total relief isn't it?