Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wistful Thinking

Was just reading a blog I like to read from time to time ... Little Miss Momma. She is so beautiful and I love seeing her photography. And sometimes her posts make me smile. Today she posted some pics from her husband's phone, and there were many of her little singleton. And it makes me wistful. Because although I feel guilty about it, I sometimes envy the momma who can have just one baby at a time. I so appreciate these two little boys. I can't imagine our life without them. I think they are funny, and smart, and cute, and also its like they know their second birthday is next weekend and so they've decided to be two already! So, they are whiney and needy and tantrum-throwing and melty-downy and still cute and smart and funny. Their facial expressions crack me up and their favorite word is either "mine" or "no". And I still remember when I worried we'd never have children of our own. And so I don't want to give up either of them, I just sometimes have this grass is greener when it comes to twins vs singletons.

Preparations for the 2nd birthday party continue. This weekend I made four (count em, 4) batches of enchiladas. Next weekend will be cupcakes and cake pops and decorating. I hope to get out this afternoon during naptime or shortly thereafter to purchase the gifts (which were an afterthought to the party, I'm afraid!). We are getting the boys some little gifts and tricycles. I read somewhere it was a good gift for this age. So, I'm excited to teach them to ride.

Hopefully I can be posting pictures this time next week! The theme is Elmo (also one of their favorite words) and so there will be a lot of red.


The boys had their last day at their old pre school on Thursday. And even though I half the time thought they hated me, or didn't love the boys enough, I still cried when I left for the last time.

They started their new school on Friday, and I was able to watch on the webcam, so I could see how sweet they were to the boys after we left. And how good the boys did (except during naptime!) and I really appreciate what $800 MORE a month in daycare can do for you. The people are so friendly, the building and toys are so nice. And I've seen those 3-year-old teachers in action, so I know that next year, if possible, will be EVEN BETTER than what they've got now. Biggest bonus is its like 1mile from our new home, which means the boys aren't sitting in traffic. And my commute is shorter. All which makes this momma very.very happy.


All those months ago I started my new year's diet and I quickly fell off. I'm back on it again, though not as gung ho but definitely making good choices and seeing progress. I like to have a goal, so right now I'm working toward a family reunion at the beginning of June to be followed by our annual 4th of July pilgremage to Minnesota. Anyway, I'm trying.

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Jamie said...

I can identify with your wistful thinking. Even though there was a time I never thought I would have Skeeter and even though I would lay down my life for him - after the poop incident yesterday I honestly wondered what my life would be like if I had a dog instead of an 18 month old. Also acting like he's turning two tomorrow.

That is so exciting about the new pre-school. As much as the extra money must hurt, it is nice to know that you can SEE it at work.