Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Surge to the Merge! and other fun stuff

This weekend, I read THIS article on a friend's facebook page ... and am now a believer. I used to curse the people who flew past me in the other lane, but now I feel completely guilt free and justified. Plus, its taken about 15 minutes off my commute home at night. Woo Hoo!

The boys seem to be adjusting to their new daycare. I know I still am loving all the attention they're getting and the communication we're getting. It rocks! I swear they've never sucked their thumbs more than they have with all the recent changes, but I know they're resilient and they'll get there.

One of the best parts of living in the 'burbs is my willingness to leave the house after I've come home. Tonight, I packed up a dinner in snack cups so DH and I could take the boys to the neighborhood playground. The boys enjoyed their dinner, and ignored the playground equipment. They just wanted to run and be chased and to explore the greenbelt.

So, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that the quality of life I was seeking is working out according to plan. Which feels so good. I'm proud of the life my boys will have in this house/neighborhood/school system/town.


Dieting sucks. But hopefully all this exercise I'm getting on the treadmill (yes, I dusted it off last night!) and walking the boys back/forth to the park and chasing them around the open fields, will counteract any cheating I do with food.

That being said, I have been feeling very.very.very tired lately, and I really want to see my endocrinologist to check my thyroid replacement. The soonist I can get in is late May, which sucks, so I may have to find a new one, closer to our new home. Too bad I spend all my time researching contractors for little projects at the new house and don't really leave myself much time for other personal calls, etc. (masonry for mailbox replacment, roof repairs, hot tub removal [we are SO not hot tub people], swingset (read: death trap) removal, garage door painting, locksmith for deadbolt installation, etc. etc. etc. Its all a bunch of little stuff that is going to add up and when its done, I'll probably be blissfully bored, but that will just leave me time for furniture shopping!

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