Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Radiation Scheduled

Well, my TSH was only 9, so they wanted to push my treatment back. But because of the move and all the scheduling issues surrounding that, they are going to give me thyrogin injections this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and I should be ready to go for my treatment on Monday, the 15th. Which means I should be able to hold my boys again no later than the 22nd.

Thank GOODNESS because I'm SO ready to be off this darn diet. I see a Pepperoni Pan Pizza in my future! And a lot of starving between now and then.

Today, I have consumed
  • Orange Juice
  • Mountain Dew
  • A Banana
  • A small salad of baby spinach/olive oil/balsamic vinegar/roasted almonds/strawberries
  • Homemade low-iodine roasted vegetable/boiled chicken soup with matza crackers
  • Water

How can I be gaining weight you ask with such low caloric intake? Well, apparently, your thyroid is responsible for your metabolism. And not only does eating hardly anything slow down your metabolism, but your absence of thyroid meds will do that also. So, no weight loss pour moi.

I had a great day working with my new boss today on budgets. He told me it was so nice to have a partner. Love it!

After we quit for the day, I drove over to our new condo to pick up my pre-radiation prescriptions at what will be my new local pharmacy. And the pharmacist was SO nice, knew my name, greeted me by name, chatted me up. He did this with everyone. The people here are SO friendly - except when they're driving ;-) The commute was about 35 minutes, which is a little long but not too bad. I have about 50 other routes to try. No highway, just stoplights. And I tried the grocery store right there. It was small. Are all Tom Thumb's tiny and old? And do they not have self check out in Texas? We shall see....

Hired the movers today. Big step.

All of the multi-tasking which I'm used to doing is hard to do without that metabolism thing, too. I have such a foggy brain. I booked airline tickets under the wrong name, so had to sit on hold with Southwest forever, but they were very kind in fixing it for me. I kept using the wrong dates when getting our corp. secretary to book hotel reservations for me. And I just felt really stressed, like there was too much going on for me to keep it all straight. Just 1.5 more days of budgets, and then I should be back in my own office where I can turn off some of the background noise. Sigh. I H.A.T.E. that this medical issue impairs me in any way mentally. But I know it does. I'm just really scattered. Flaky. And yet constantly feel stimulated. Like I'm on the verge of a headache and my mind won't stop racing. But not about any one thing. Like about everything. Ok, enough thinking about that.

Miss my boys. Excited to go home in a few days. Excited to bring them back with me next time.


Jamie said...

So busy! I'm exhausted just reading your posts.

Hang in there. Every day you're one day closer to that pepperoni pizza!

Mike Hussey said...

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