Tuesday, March 2, 2010

low iodine diet - Day 1

Hating the diet. Today was the first day. Smoothie for breakfast. Strawberry salad for lunch. Beef recipe for dinner was crap, so I ended up eating matzo pb and j. One and a half.

We were in Dallas looking for a new home this weekend. Being off my thyroid replacement makes me tired, and this time with all the other stuff going on right now, I am also emotionally drained. So, I would be excited to look in the morning but by late afternoon almost in tears regretting my decision to move there. Our realtor was gret. We covered lots of ground. And today I think we agreed on one. I was struggling over trying to find the total package in just 3 days - on our budget! Location. Space. Finish. Appliances. Pool. Washer/dryer. All these things you don't worry about when you own your own home. Getting there in person made me confront how we get the boys from our car to the condo and vice versa. This would have been so much simpler without kids. But I wouldn't want it any other way. So, long story short, I am finally excited about Dallas, excited about where we are going to live. Finally. I have been excited about the job forever, but am finally now starting to picture our life there. Finally.

Lots to do in 4 weeks. I figured out tonight I need to start a project plan like what I use when we acquire businesses. Then, I will feel organized. There's just so much to coordinate. Utilities off. Mail forwarded. Oh, and the repairs needed from our home inspection. I'm waiting for 2 more estimates on movers. Seriously, like 7 different repair-type people. Electrician. Roofer. Glass replacement. HVAC. Lots of petty little things, and it won't amount to much money but its going to require mid-day trips home to meet repair men. Sigh.

The boys are standing and smiling. Both clapping and babbling. We're working on more solids. Less gagging. And sippy cups.

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Jamie said...

Yuck - I hope Day 2 goes better. Thank goodness you had the matzo PB&J on standby!

I hope you and your family like Dallas. We have several friends who live there and have always had a great time when we visit. Of course now we all have babies so future weekends in Dallas will be quite different that ones in the past!