Monday, March 8, 2010

low iodine diet - day 6

Sitting in my hotel room in Dallas. I'm here for 4 days....and I LOVE IT!!! I love the people. I love the vibe. I love what I'm doing. I love working with my new boss. Who I loved working with before, but was somewhat worried about how things would be when I was his employee, not just his friend or a member of the corporate staff.

I'm giving myself 15 minutes to update here before calling DH.

S.U.X. But I am trying to not dream about sinking my teeth into a burger, or fries, or bread, or anything else I love and cannot have. But I will definitely be having all of those things and more when I can. Even the new pacific shrimp tacos at taco bell look good at this point, and I don't think I would normally crave shellfish from a fast food joint.

So, today, I have consumed the following: 1 glass of orange juice, an orange, a small spinach salad with homemade dressing of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and sugar with strawberries and toasted almonds (yum!), baby carrots with no.salt.added peanut butter, cinnamon applesauce, and a Sprite.

I brought with me to my hotel other foods like more fruit, potatoes, and some homemade low-iodine roasted vegetable soup which is kinda good with some crumbled up matzah crackers. Almost as good as tomato soup with saltines. That's who desperate you get for food on this diet.

As you can see by the quantity of food consumed above, I'd rather just go hungry. You may notice my dinner was carrots and applesauce. I think my sons had more calories today.

Aforementioned love of food is why I would have loved for the hospital to have called me back this afternoon, to tell me which day I can have my treatment next week, or even I guess if I can have it next week, if my levels were high enough today. I had a blood test this morning before hopping on the company plane. It felt like the world stood still for me for a minute there. President and VP of my company on stand by, waiting for my call, to meet them at the airport.

Anyway, still hoping for treatment next Monday or Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest, which would mean I could eat real food again next Thursday at noon.

Jack has had loose bowel movements since Friday. He seems like he feels find, but even the old BRAT diet isn't working. He's had it all. Bananas. Rice cereal. Applesauce. Toast. Still loose. Keep trying to decide whether or not to take him to the doctor. He seems to feel fine?! The boys have their 4-week follow up swine flu shot on Friday, so maybe we'll just wait until then to ask. I don't know. The follow up shot is normally a junior nurses' assistant, so probably not into getting advice from her. Maybe I'll call on Thursday if he hasn't changed to solid by then. It's such a fine line between being a worry wart over-reacting parent and negligent.

Will has a cough, which I fear may lead to sinus infection. I'm constantly analyzing his sucking and coughing and tugging anywhere near his head for signs its come back.

DH and I worked tirelessly on our basement this weekend, sorting unpacking and repacking. Items for garage sale. Items to move. Items to throw or give away. It was like a bad HGTV special. And EXHAUSTING. Being off my meds, having the boys there with us, and knowing we can't put it off because there just aren't enough days left before the movers will arrive.

I need to call the movers to get that contract signed and get them scheduled. Our lease has progressed. Realtor received our application fee today and hand delivered it to the leasors' office. Hoping to know tomorrow or Wednesday if we have any problems there. Shouldn't. But there's always a chance.

Lots of work has already been done to our home, and there is more to come. All the crap we need to do to pacify the buyers, who have every right, but I have every right to resent it because its money we're spending on something that was good enough for us, but somehow not for them, plus I'm just cheap and want to get out of the house as cheap as possible. Electricians were there Friday. Chimney measurements Saturday. Glass guy sometime in there, too. Chimney guys are due back tomorrow to install whatever was leaking. Roofers next week. Etc. Etc. Etc.

You can see why I'm excited to have this time in my hotel room with the tv off just listening to the keyboard and the mini fridge. A few moments to call my own when I don't feel compelled to do something productive.

But....maybe I should review that moving contact one.more.time. ;-)


Plot2Theme said...

Company plane? President waiting at the gate? Good new job? Dang!

I have to say, though, that having a whole hotel room to yourself for a few nights sounds like the best part of all, heh heh.

Does a low-iodine diet make you lose weight? Or just taste gross?

Guess what: my thyroid levels are higher than they were when I had a whole thyroid.

Hang in there. Sounds like good things are in store for you!!!

G$ said...

La tee da! Company plane, that's so Posh! And the one thing I still love about work travel is the nice hotels :) It's totally made me a snob for personal travel though!

Glad things are going ok, moving forward at least. Moving sucks and loose bowels do too...