Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Snarky Post

Because we all like to other people complain, I will tell you about the Monday to beat all Mondays in recent memory.

7:35am - have boys, day care supplies, workout clothes, laptop, brief case, coffee, lunch, snacks, etc. all loaded in car, headed to work a few minutes early so I can be at my 8am meeting on time.

7:36am - car will not start.

7:37am - phone husband to come back home to retrieve us.

7:38am - call boss for ride (I'm on her way), but she has already arrived at office.

7:39am - call VP for ride (I'm on his way), but he forgot his cell phone at home and was running late.

8:05am - arrive at work after hubby came back to get me, we both dropped off boys. VP pulls in right behind us.

12:15pm - ride home with boss during her lunch hour, tell her I'll work from home this afternoon while I wait for a tow truck.

1:00pm - call for tow truck.

3:00pm - tow truck still has not arrived. Call for update. Driver supposedly ran out of fuel and had to return to base. I was next.

4:00pm - tow truck still has not arrived. Call to complain. They had two trucks down, they've been behind. He's on his way to me.

4:50pm - tow truck still has not arrived. Call to complain louder. Driver is stuck in traffic nowhere near my house.

5:40pm - tow truck still has not arrived. Call to complain and demand free service, but tow truck pulls up outside, so I hang up while on hold. Truck driver was NOT apologetic, but I did not take my frustrations out on him.

I complained to two people at auto dealer about the tow truck company they use/recommended. They cut my diagnostic charges in half. And I didn't even finish complaining to the tow truck company before she offered to refund the charges. And my car was just flooded. A fluke in the design of my car, caused by my husband moving it on Sunday. In total, I think I'll be out $40 which is nice. But my Monday was pretty much shot.

So, for anyone in customer service, what might have the dispatch clerk have done differently?

Perhaps she could have told me they were running behind, it would be hours before they got to me, so I could go back to work, do something else, etc. etc. etc.

Maybe she could have told me they wouldn't get my car to the dealership before it closed - which they didn't - so I could call another tow company for faster service.

But she didn't do any of these things, so I wasted half a day at home, frustrated and waiting for a tow truck.

Oh, and because they didn't get my car in to the shop on time, it wasn't diagnosed yesterday so I had to take a cab to the airport to catch my flight to Dallas this morning. And so I had to listen to my concert promoter / speed skater cab driver for $30 worth of a ride at 5:15am. And he was 5 minutes late, but because he tried so hard to be chatty I tipped him anyway.

BUT - other than skipping the exercise, I was good and didn't eat any bad carbs or fat. And so, the scale was kind to me overnight. Although ... pizza would have REALLY hit the spot. So woudl chocolate chip cookies!


JamieD said...

That kind of stuff always seems to happen on a Monday.

My husband and I are both nurses and every time we are in a situation like this, he always rants, "I can't believe they run their business like this! Do you know what would happen if I just waited around for four hours to do my job? People would die!!" He does have a point, but sometimes I hate being a captive audience.

I love, love, LOVE pizza. I could eat it three meals a day for a week. I was fantasizing about a nice thick, cheesy piece of pizza today as a matter of fact!

G$ said...

Yuck :( What a craptastic day! Glad you got some credits and it didn't cost much. Although I always calculate how much I make an hour and add it mentally to their bills when people pull shit like that on me. It really does no good :)

Saffy said...

GRRRRRRRRRRRR - that kind of "service" sucks doesn't it? I really hope karma is real because I always think that it'll come back to bite them ;)