Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Me Time

Will is asleep. Jack and his daddy are playing in the living room. I just took two Tylenol PM and am hoping to be asleep soon.

So far, the new me looks and acts a lot like the old me.

I've had a rough start to my new healthier lifestyle. But instead of working through lunch b/c I'm busy, I've been working thru lunch to make up for lost time due to medical appointments.

I had my regularly scheduled follow up with my endocrinologist on Monday. He did the ultrasound of my neck himself, to check my lymph nodes in that area for any unusual growth. None found. Yay. And he scheduled a follow up visit for this summer. And then the body scan I thought I would be having in April, he scheduled for THIS FRIDAY. So, I had to have an injection yesterday, and another today. I take my radioactive iodine pill tomorrow. Nothing Thursday. Body scan and thyroglobulin blood test on Friday. A hectic schedule, but the lovely injections mean I don't have to do that AWFUL low iodine diet this time around. And it means I get to hear even sooner whether or not last summer's radiation treatment worked. I feel like it did, but what do I know?

They are oh so apologetic at that office about the injections. But as you're all aware, after any medicated cycle the needle thing is just nothing. Want my blood? May I suggest a vein? Wanna inject me in the bum? I'm pretty sure I could handle that myself. So, at least I have that going for me.

Sadly, they weighed me at the endocrinologist's office, and let's just say, I have to do something about this weight! Scary high! More than my husband and he's 6'2" (I'm 5'4"). He recommended low glycemic (guess I could have seen that coming since he also specializes in treating diabetics!). So, back to South Beach for me starting Saturday (grocery day). It's worked before for me, so I know it will work again. It's just those initial two weeks that I dread. Look for self-pity from me next week.

Work is really weird right now. I feel like I'm in limbo. I have my job. I have this job within our company I think I want in TX, and I get to work in TX whenever I want kind of doing that job, but in a more advisory role rather than actually having the responsibility or authority. And I have this other job at another division in our company that I will be offered that I probably don't want. But at the same time, if I don't get the TX job I'm pretty sure I want a different job, so why not take the one in KC? And at the same time, I can't really say which job I prefer - I need to keep my cards close to my chest until I get an official offer from someone. And the two men offering me the jobs, are my friends and colleagues who I talk to about other things every day. And who know about each other's offers. And who talk to each other every day, as well. A very weird, yet open, dynamic. And all at the same time, I kind of need to focus on my job here in KS again and start gearing that back up in case I get a budget come April.

Home life is good. I wish my husband and I could take a vacation without the kids. Not because I don't want them with us, but just so we can rest. Just lay in the sun, read fiction, and hold hands. For hours. And perhaps have an umbrella drink. But I can't imagine leaving them with ANYONE overnight. No one. I can't see it. Let alone DAYS or God forbid a WEEK! But I do daydream about it. And as soon as the boys are old enough to enjoy something other than chewing on everything in sight, then we will be headed south for a little family vacation.

And that's all I have the patience for tonight. Funny story about why. On Dec 22, my backspace key fell off my laptop for no apparent reason. So, I plugged in my 10-key and used that backspace key at work that week. And I hadn't been back to the corporate office until yesterday. Today, I found the backspace key in my coat pocket, and had an IT guy replace it for me. And he did. But its kind of crooked now and doesn't work. So, for every single typo (and trust me, I have a lot of those!) I have to use the shift and arrow keys to highlight the errant letters and then hit the delete key. Pain! Requesting new keyboard tomorrow.....


Elana Kahn said...

Thanks for the update!!! I say take the job you're going to enjoy more, if you have to choose. :-)

JamieD said...

Me time is hard. It is a sad thought that in order to get 'me time' it has to be scheduled.

You have so much going on! I wouldn't know if I was coming or going.

I know what you mean about wanting a couple vacation. Skeeter is only three months old and it feels like an eternity since Hubby & I have gotten to enjoy each other. Probably because it has been an eternity.

Your boys are so precious! I can't believe how old they are already. My, now times flies.

FruFru said...

We couldn't imagine leaving our twins overnight with anyone until just recently...though we haven't worked up the urge to ask my mother yet. Now that they are walking and understanding a lot (though not quite talking yet), it would be so much easier. My husband and I would love to run off to NYC for three or four days in the spring....
On another note, did you notice that you gained weight after your thyroid was removed? I'm worried about that, though they are only removing half. I'm just getting my body back into a respectable size since giving birth, and I hate the thought of losing whatever control I seem to have regained.

A said...

Fru Fru,

Yes, I have gained weight since the thyroid was removed. About 20 pounds actually. 10 in the first few weeks, and then the other 10 gradually over the past 5 months or so. It was amazing how when I was eating hardly anything on the low iodine diet how I still was gaining so much. My endocrinologist recommended a low glycemic diet to counteract, and I'm hoping to start that next week.