Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Best 90 Minutes of the Day

What is it you ask? What are the best, yet fastest passing 90 minutes of the day? Well, not every day, but some days, its NAPTIME!!!!!

Diet is going well. I have worked out everyday. I have eaten right. I have lost 5 pounds. Yay me! The really sick thought is that I've dieted so well I've started spotting. Not unhealthy. I'm eating plenty. Don't worry. But every time I start dieting, reducing carbs especially, I start spotting.

Have not heard from the doctor yet after I got the scan results over a week ago. So, I guess I need to call tomorrow to prompt someone to do something or tell me something, right?

Busy week ahead. I'm headed to Dallas Tues/Wed, road trip on Thurs, plus all the working out and cooking healthy food and planning ahead so I have the right things. And on top of that, getting our foster care license renewed, or at least the home visit part finished up on Thursday night. Seriously, we've had zero placements, and I really doubt we'll ever use it, but its easier to renew than start over if we ever need to in the future.

My in laws are idiots. We showed up for lunch today and YET AGAIN they are sitting there waiting, with CHAIRS for the boys. No booster seats. No high chairs. Just wooden adult-sized chairs. Oh, and crayons. Yes, 9-month olds use crayons. Sure! I'm so sure. Why does it anger me so much? I'm not sure but they're just so freaking worthless when it comes to the kids. W.O.R.T.H.L.E.S.S.

Random thought of the day: I am a grudge holder. There are people who did small petty things to me in high school for which I have never forgiven them, and so I will not accept their friend requests on facebook. And then I realize its been over 20 years. Like seriously. Who holds onto the time when MS told everyone at a slumber party that I buy my shampoo at Walmart for 20 FREAKING YEARS? Well, apparently, I do. Should I just buy into the nostalgia of 'hey, we went to the same high school, its great to catch up?' or just ignore them? I'm just leaning toward ignoring. Not just leaning toward. That's actually what I've been doing. Because I am a grudge holder.


Erin said...

I am a HUGE grudge holder. I asked someone a question 3 years ago and said person told me it was too personal (still don't see it as too personal) she called and asked if we circumcised our son I told her that was too personal and hung up very politely. ooooooh I am terrible.

G$ said...

I always say that my inability to let go of grudges is one of my character flaws.

That said, the people that I didn't like or didn't like me that then friend request on FB are annoying. All they want to do is gawk at my life. No thanks, I ignore request and move on. I figure if I wouldn't talk to them in a coffee shop, I don't want to talk to them on FB.

JamieD said...

I am a grudge holder, too. Ignore the request - she is probably just trying to see how many 'friends' she can get.

Yay for your diet!! Not to mention the weight loss. I have been trying to eat better the last couple of weeks and am now finally to the point where I don't sit around fantasizing about food. SHEESH, I'm pathetic.