Monday, July 13, 2009

I-131 is not a Freeway

Greetings from Radiation Therapy!

I am stuck in the hospital, feeling just fine, for the next day or so.

To pass the time, I've brought work, my laptop, the second book in the Twilight series, my cell phone, two letters to write, and my camera!!!!!

So, for my first blog in radiation, I thought I would send pictures of my hospital room. It's oh so...private ;-) Mysteriously, no one gets to room with radioactive girl.

There is a paper trail from my bed, to the toilet, and lots of paper in there. My urine will be radioactive, so they try to minimize the contamination in the room. I've also been instructed to 'flush twice' after each trip to empty my bladder. I'm also supposed to flush any food I don't finish.

This big trash can is ALL MINE! I will use it to dispose of my plates, cups, utensils and any food I can't flush. Notice more of the paper trail on the floor.

I snuck this photo of the cannister the pill came in when the oncologist wasn't looking! It looked scary and menacing and they kept talking about "half life" this and "gamma ray" that. I don't think they saw me take this shot, but if they did, then I guess they'll know what a freak I truly am. The pill was inside in its own glass case. It was blue.

Only in isolation could I have such a fabulous hair day. Had to snap a pic as evidence! Sorry, its blurry. I'm kind of dizzy most of the time thanks to the whole no thyroid hormone thing.

Unfortunately, the low iodine diet continues until I'm released from the hospital. This is a plain hamburger patty, and a baked potato with no skin. I also got a plain lettuce salad with no dressing, which I promptly flushed. And some fresh fruit, which forced me to pick around the melon to get to the two slivers of strawberry and 4 grapes. It was a bland, boring meal, but reasssuring that the food I've been eating at home has been right on track. I may have to move to Idaho if I eat many more potatoes!

More News Later,


She said...

You have an amazing outlook. I'm truly in awe of you being able to joke about the room and everything. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you that everything goes as its supposed to and you're home (and not radioactive) in no-time.

jill said...

Love the details! Your hair looks great :) Thinking of you.

G$ said...

I have serious hair envy! It looks gorgeous and you look beautiful :)

Ok so all those precautions, right? But they let your pee get flushed into the water stream? Weird.

I hope you don't get too lonely, sounds like you are properly armed. I am on email if you want to cuss at me, cuz you know I enjoy that :)

xox Hang in there lady.

Pepper said...

You are one gorgeous babe, even while radioactive! I hope the stay in isolation goes by quickly.

Jess to the Lo said...

That is a Great hair day!!!

MFA Mama said...

That *is* a truly excellent hair day!

Kim said...

Dropping in from the L&F :o)

Hey, at least you have privacy, right? And I must say - you're glowing! Ha! :O)

areyoukiddingme said...

Ha ha - Kim - Glowing! Now that's funny.

Your hair is fabulous! So, do you stay on the paper and everyone else stays off?

I'm with G$ - flush away all your contamination! Right into the water supply! Hurray for the rest of us! Fortunately, waste water does get processed.

I hope your isolation goes quickly.

annacyclopedia said...

I came from the L&F, too, and while I don't envy you the isolation, radiation, cancer, etc., I must say that I am absolutely green over your hair! Stunning! Hope the rest of your stay goes smoothly and includes plenty of great hair.