Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Blog is Fabulous?!?!

My good friend Elana has given my blog an award.
The rules of this award are to share 5 of your obsessions and pass this on to 5 more blogger friends. So, here goes.
1. Pre Term Labor. I google it. Read about it. Lay on my side and try to feel Braxton Hicks contractions. And analyze every abdominal twinge, all day long. I want so much to carry these babies to a healthy term, and constantly worry that its just not going to happen.
2. Stupid conversation from yesterday. See post below. I can't help it. I am obsessively compelled to think about it at all times right now. It seriously better not ruin my Christmas!
3. Finding affordable, quality childcare. Whatever will I do with my two boys when I go back to work? I really need to stop procrastinating (and yet worrying) and do something about this.
4. Our Family Budget. I am constantly evaluating my car, our house payment, our cable bill, looking for ways I can cut back our spending so we can spend that money on childcare and diapers and adorable clothes from Gymboree!
5. Comfort. I know these are all pregnancy-related, so I apologize. But I am constantly seeking a comfortable position. During the day, I fantasize about the new pillow configuration I might try that night. My new obsession is sleeping on the couch, because I just flip my head from end to end, instead of trying to flip over. Sad.
Passing it on to:
2. Erin at Seriously?!?
3. Pepper at On to Plan B


Just Another Infertile said...

I just read your other post about your conversation with B. He sounds like a head case. If you've had a joking relationship before, he should have taken your comment as such. What kind of guy gets worked up about a comment like that anyway? Most guys I know don't let little things like that bother them. They are more focused on the big picture. I agree with your boss (good job telling him), he must have something else going on. Maybe he is on fertility meds! :) I understand what it is like to obsess over conflicts like that. I hate them, but try not to let it ruin your Christmas.

Seriously? - Erin said...

Thanks! Preterm labor and still birth is one of mine, oy vey.

JamieD said...

Thank you so much!!!! Gosh . . . things I obsess over . . . it will be tough to narrow it down to five!!

Pepper said...

OMG, I just saw this today!

Wordpress is so whacky lately about how they show incoming links (even blogrolls count now, apparently), that it didn't pop up.

THANK YOU! I so appreciate it!

And now I have a topic for my next post. :-)