Tuesday, December 16, 2008


First things first. Surgeon's office called this morning and reported that the growth on my thyroid is benign! Whew! Yay! Whopee! Wahoo! Etc! Etc! Etc! So, now, I can just focus on the twins, worrying about pre-term labor, the economy, our crappy garage door, but NOT dying! So happy and grateful and did I mention happy?

Had a rough day yesterday. As I was backing out of the garage on my way to work, I backed into the garage door. Not by any fault of my own. It had stopped about 6 inches shy of the top, which was above my field of view out my back window, but low enough to scrape the back window cleaner dispenser off the roof and buckle the metal.
I immediately cried. Which is not my normal response. But I was frustrated. And I'm pregnant. So, I go downstairs, crying, to find DH completely buck a** naked, getting ready to get in the shower, and tell him I ran into the garage and I need his help to get my car out. He of course fears the worst. But it isn't that bad, really. So, after we assess the damage and he climbs on my SUV to retrieve the now torn off wiper fluid dispenser, he holds the door up so I can get out.
I drove straight to the auto body shop, knowing full well that if I went to work, that I would imagine grossly higher dollar amounts and fume about my car, so for the sake of productivity, I got the estimate out of the way first. And ended up being about 5 minutes behind everyone else in the office. So, not truly that late.
The garage door is legitimately f'd. Apparently, the strong winds from the night before pushed the door of the hinges and tore the metal. I think the door is a piece of crap anyway, but still, this blows. DH rigged the door so it works for now. Will be $120 to fix my beloved, and yet somehow cursed car. Will be about $1,000 to replace the garage door. Undecided as to whether we fix it now, while we have the money in savings, or put that off, until a later date, when we may possibly be even more strapped because we're paying $400/week in daycare. So, we're torn. But in the meantime, my handy husband has got it working good enough that our cars can be parked inside and I don't have to worry about water damage while we wait for the auto body place to get the parts they have ordered for me.
Funniest part of the entire dramatic tragedy is that what DH remembers most from yesterday morning is that he hugged me when he was completely naked. Which was the highlight of his day, and which I have apparently repressed. A sad commentary on the state of our love life during pregnancy, which we both found hilarious last night.
I baked like crazy until after 10pm last night, not because I had to, but because I had a lot of energy and it seemed like the right thing to do. Tonight, I am in a hotel room in KC all by myself and thinking of going to bed in 5 minutes, which would be 8:30pm. Pregnancy is doing some crazy things to my energy level.
Also, I bought snow boots for myself today. Actually, for the twins. I haven't actually worn snow boots since elementary school. I normally just suffer through with wet feet (yes, even four years of living in college on a pedestrian campus in Minnesota did not tempt me to wear boots!), but what with my obsessive fear of falling during pregnancy, the reassurance of snowboots versus totally slick-bottomed flats seemed like a good use of money. I'm such a mom!


She said...

So happy to hear that it's benign. One less thing to worry about! I had a good laugh over your garage door incident, and over the naked hug. It wouldn't matter if we had done the nasty the night before, that would have been the highlight of my husband's day too. Men are pretty easy to please, huh? ;)

JamieD said...

Yippee-yay!!!! What wonderful news!!

About the thyroid, of course. Not the garage door!

Take advantage of the energy while it is here! I have a suspicion it will be fleeting for, say, the next 10 years or so!

Anonymous said...
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sushilover said...

Whooohooo for the your good news! So glad it's benign!!!! What a load off your mind! I think we are very similar...I would totally do what you did with going straight to the body shop. I'm notorious for wanting something done "NOW". Which my husband has excepted and just goes with. I agree about the shoes...I started wearing flats the day after I slipped (on nothing) and started bleeding and clotting way back at the beginning of this pregnancy.

I amazingly stayed up to midnight last night (which completely freaked me out) but was insanely tired this morning...which made me feel better. Go figure...I guess our energy is still limited. Thank goodness!

PJ said...

I had about two seconds before running out the door, so I just really read your title and the first paragraph. YAYYYYYYY! Thank goodness!

Faithful Infertile said...

Thank the good Lord!!!! I'm so happy it was benign. BTW.... do your boys need girlfriends?!? I have two that will be just a week or so younger!!!

Seriously? - Erin said...

Ok so first of all, so glad it is benign. Sorry I haven't commented sooner, I have been a bit self absorbed...

Anyway, sadly the foot problem isn't even on the same leg as the clot is in. Sneakers are still on the menu for when i can walk again.

Fun times. How are the boys?