Friday, December 5, 2008

Halfway (or more!)

I should not be doing this. I should not be updating my blog from work. But yet here I am. Totally unmotivated to do any actual work. And I really have nothing to post.

We hit the 20 week mark yesterday. So, I'm halfway (probably more than halfway, since our OB thinks I'll deliver at 35 wks, but I'm trying not to think of that). I *think* I may be feeling the twins move. Sometimes. But its not consistent or regular. I definitely feel my back acheing at night when I lay in bed. And I have decided that I never really had a cold. It is pregnancy causing my stuffy nose and extra fluid to come out of my nose. Not complaining! Just sharing.

Here's the greatest hardship of pregnancy right now - I have an especially difficult time eating at a table. I need to lean forward not to spill on myself. And then I feel pinches in my belly. So, I have to lean back. So, I prefer to eat reclining in my bed at home. Probably not the best for my social life! Again, not complaining.

And while I can tie my shoes today, it is painful and unlikely to continue for much longer.

We have our work Christmas party tonight. And then are supposed to meet some friends to celebrate their anniversary downtown. I'm not sure I can do it. I'm tired already. And its cold outside, so I would much rather cuddle up on the couch with my DH and watch some Boston Legal on Netflix (we're just starting season 4). Yes, I am a total homebody.

Tomorrow, my goal is to do some major shopping and wrapping. Shopping for others? Heck no. Shopping for mantel decorations for my house. I have this vision of what it will look like, but cannot find the exact pieces I need. It's a mission.

I have to work on Sunday. Boo! One of the few times in my career I will ever be required to do so, but every little thing seems like an undue burden these days. Thankfully, this is the last. Anyway, I keep thinking about having to work that day, and so I allow myself to feel even greater stress, because I won't be able to do whatever I want that day. I will have to pack it all into Saturday. I crossed a couple of errands off my list today at lunch, but still, I'm kind of obsessed with the rest of my list, so I will probably overdo it and then collapse tomorrow night.

Told you I had nothing to post! Guess I'd better get some work done. But not because I want to!


Seriously? - Erin said...

Halfway! Or more! Wow that is amazing. I am so happy for you.

The sneakers are helping a bunch, much better than heels or dress flats for work. I dobut I will be able to tie them for long (I am in that boat with you sister) but I do love the sneakers. They are my favorite, I hate dress shoes...

Happy shopping, I hope you find what you are looking for.

PJ said...

Wow! Time flies!

Eating in bed, it's not a bad thing! A girl could get used to that.

JamieD said...

Wow! I can't believe 20 weeks have passed so quickly. (Easy for me to say, though!)

When I tied my shoes, I sit down and put my foot in my lap because I don't like to bend over and stick my ass in the air. So my bows are always on the inside of my tennis shoes. For some reason this really amuses my husband.

WiseGuy said...

Well Well.....all the est for the remaining lap! Take Care, Have Fun and Be Good!