Sunday, March 30, 2008

I caved!


So, this morning, I caved and took the first of those three HPT's under the sink. It was BFN. I reasoned that it would be fun to know before church this morning, in case someone asked. And they asked, but I just said we don't know yet. Because, seriously, this early in the game, what are those tests, like 48% accurate?

It always amazes me what a difference a day makes. And I stupidly bought a digital test, so it just says the words not pregnant. So, I can't even let it sit around all day and then hold it up to the light looking for evaporation lines all afternoon. No, I thought the 3-pack with digital read would be better. What fun is that?!

I'm going to try to wait until at least Wednesday before I test again. Still painful breasts and slight lower abdominal cramping. Oh, and I'm totally over the progesterone suppositories. I'm definitely asking the nurse for something different next month. Yuck!

DH and I went to a friend's son's gymnastics meet this afternoon. And then bought a pannini cookbook at Williams Sonoma. Although tempted, I did not purchase the pannini grill, we just made them on a grill pan. They were pretty delicious. I'm enjoying feeling up to going out and doing things, and not having stim headaches or AF cramps. The waiting is difficult but I like how normal and well I feel during the 2WW.

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