Sunday, August 19, 2012

Donuts Make you Big and Strong

Nobody wants to listen to me whine.  Nobody!  Its so frustrating.  I've had so many visits with friends this week, and even had some friends invite us over for dinner last night, but I really just wanted to stay home and eat junk food. So, I think my social anxiety disorder is acting up. And that's why I've been feeling so lonely lately.  Its not you.....its me.

Yesterday, while DH was at the grocery store, I booked us a cruise.  To be fair, I had been talking about it with him, weighing the pros and cons.  So, it wasn't a totally crazy impulsive decision.  So, we're going to sneak in a mini vaca about a week before the move.  4 nights.  With the boys.  Out of Galveston, so we can will never be this cheap again.   That's a pro.  The con is the days off work DH will have to take without pay because he's out of vacation.  Which really just probably means his last day will move up, because after the cruise, he would only have 4 more days to work before we move anyway. 

And already I felt better.  Less depressed.  Less mopey.  And excited to have some quality time with DH while the boys are in the Kids Club!  And excited to have something to look forward to a few days before the move.

And then this morning .... the boys and I made homemade donuts.

I had seen the Pioneer Woman's version on her show a week or so ago.  And it reminded me of this recipe that my step-mom had made when I was little.  I think she made it once, it definitely made an impression!

You start with 3 simple ingredients: fridge biscuits, shortening, and sugar.

I neglected to get a picture of the boys cutting the "holes" out of the middle of the donuts.  We use a shampoo cap.  Seems to be the perfect size.  Once you get the holes cut, you fry the donuts in medium-high heat oil.

You flip them when you start to see the browning on the edges, which you can see in this pic.  Then, you let them sit on a paper towel to soak up some of the grease.

And then you dip them in sugar.

And then you enjoy the fruits of your labor

Here is a nice shot of the inside of the donuts.  I think this is when Will told Jack that Donuts make you big and strong.  He's always saying stuff like that these days.  Practicing phrases he's learned from big people.  Thankfully, he hasn't picked up my cussing just yet.

And here is a donut shadow puppet.  I'm

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LuckyOnce said...

Have an amazing time on your cruise! I hope the kids' club does its job.

Those donuts look amazing. Mmmm.