Monday, August 15, 2011

Flipping Out

I'm trying to keep my inner Angie-screams-alotti {ala Jeff Lewis} under wraps for the next two weeks. Thank God for my husband who is running daddy evening daycare while I hang in our bedroom and review the same to-do list seventeen times. Every solution seems to lead to another problem. Not exactly panicking but definitely feeling the last minute stress of my work moving to our new building. Which is {gorg} by the way!

Can you tell I'm watching the Kardashians?????

Right now the major stressor is every detail for which I must depend on an outside vendor. Uniform guy doesn't return calls or show up or follow up. Furniture sales person doesn't provide information in writing {whuck?} and can't finalize order that is being delivered in SIX DAYS. Pressure washer person tells us ours came in wrong, tells us there will be a delay, then calls the next day to say that wasn't our machine after all, which they discovered when ours DID arrive. Shop table vendor who miscommunicated with his vendor and tables will be late by as much as two weeks. Sink on backorder. Verizon phone installers on strike. And movers who showed up TWO WEEKS EARLY!

I handle all of these in stride, but when I start adding them up, well, I just am amazed at the incompetency of all these companies. And at times like these, we're only as good as our suppliers. Hmmmmm. It's not so bad. Nothing we can't or haven't formed contingency plans for, but, it gets old. Sometimes it would be nice to just have some {simple} in our life.

Anyway, I've been off my thyroid replacement for the third day in a row today. My metabolism has slowed down...which is evidenced by the consti and the weight gain {already} {sigh} and general achiness and brain drain. And perhaps my filter is gone, too?

I kinda snapped at my boss today. Big misunderstanding. Normally handle it better. I don't think he had any idea how close I came to losing it. I can feel myself being short with my employees. Who I normally would tease more and berate less. Not a lot of patience for their impatience when I'm spread so thin right now. Um, it takes you two more key strokes, so just deal for a day. Or.....the blank stare I gave a guy today who asked me to input three orders for him. I know. He's busy packing for the move. But ... oh well ... it was just easier to input his orders than rip him a new one.

Big news! Staycation begins Thursday at 9am. Which rocks. Except I have to leave to go test phone lines b/c our IT director has lost faith in the phone providers and its kind of a big deal that our phones work when we move. And I cannot find a sitter to save my life. Local lady who I love who hooks people up with sitters, not returning my emails. I think I'm getting spam filtered. So, now we're on to plan B - called the hotel and asked for who they use. Called them tonight. Seriously. There is no recession. Only people who aren't very good at taking care of business.

Sorry this has gotten so snarky. Bad mood, ya think?!

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