Saturday, August 6, 2011

Asymmetrial What?

Nap Time @ mi casa.

Watching Jersey Shore in Italy.

Ate some leftover OTB (On the Border).

Drinking a Coke Zero.

Surfing the web for great salad recipes.

Checking in with the blog.

So, I haven't been freaking out about not drinking. I went a few weeks without drinking, then had a half a drink one night at a work outing. It didn't taste good and our waitress sucked so I didn't even get a chance to order something I did like.

I've had a few beers and glasses of wine at home. But not more than 2 a night. Not analyzing it, but also kind of keeping an eye on myself, just conscious of my drinking.


I have been losing weight. Kind of. Like .3 pounds per week or something similar to that. I think its my thyroid meds. I am getting ready for a body scan on 8/26. So, I'm off the Synthroid and on a med with a shorter half-life, Cytomel, and I have more energy, I have some other health benefits that are embarrassing to describe...just maybe we could say ... in the regularity department ... and I have more energy. I don't need to eat as much to feel full. And so I don't really feel deprived and so I'm losing a little weight. Not dramatic, but my pants are loser and I can wear clothes that I haven't warn in awhile. Fun. Would like to stay on it. Need to call my endo and see if he will let me.

The downside is I have to go off ALL meds on 8/12 and will be crazy, loopy off-her-thyroid-meds girl at quite possibly, once again, the most inconvenient time. You may recall the radiation treatment of 2010 wherein I was off my meds while packing up my house and leaving my job to move my family to Dallas where my husband did not have a job. Yes, its kind of like that again.

The company I work for, we have stores. And for the past year or so we have been BUILDING a new store. And we will be MOVING to our new store on 8/26. The day AFTER my body scan when I will have been off my meds for two weeks. And I will have to miss a couple half days of work to take blood tests, take low-dose radiation, get the scan, etc.

I also have a consultation that week with a plastic surgeon for a breast reduction. So tired of looking ridiculous in a swimsuit with my asymmetrical mess of a chest. Tired of having clothes fit my fat tummy but not over my big lopsided chest.

Busy week. Moving all of our building possessions, coordinating outside vendors and our employees, and lots of responsibility and at my best, I will feel like I'm suffering from a severe head cold.



The boys are way fun. Especially at this minute, cuz they're napping :) But seriously, they say funny things and carry themselves in funny ways. I have had to dissuade their interest in all things Thomas, because I can't stand that show. Their vocab expands faster than I can keep up. Although their favorite word is still 'no'

DH and I have a date planned for tonight. Groupon at a local restaurant and the boys will go to the drop in daycare, then a movie on the Tivo from Amazon. {sigh}

Later this month, we have a "staycation" planned with my boss and another co-worker and our families. I've been obssessed with getting a swimsuit that is flattering on my tummy and stretch marks {yikes!} and also supports the chest without making it pop out and scare my friends' children. Finally got one off the internet, but its a little big {i know, how can you buy a swimsuit on the internet? well, I just know the brand, I guess}

Am I seriously rambling on and on about swimsuits?! Let's just say I've got a lot going on and instead of worrying about movers and forklifts and furniture and vending machines and fuel tanks, I choose to spend my time surfing the internet for swimsuits, cover ups, and other items that support my vanity!

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Jamie said...

Yuck - sorry to hear about the thyroid med situation. I hope you get to be just 'off her thyroid meds girl' and leave the crazy, loopy part out. Of course, if I had to deal with all that I would be crazy, loopy anyway.

Thomas - UGH. Tell me about it. I keep telling myself that it could be worse - he could be into Raggs or Yo Gabba Gabba both of which I hate. Something about grown adults dressing up in giant costumes really bothers me. I mean, trains aren't weird, right? Even if they can somehow talk yet not have any common sense?

I had stopped to pick up some carry out the other day and was putting Skeeter back in the car. A train started to go by and when he heard the whistle, he frantically unbuckled his car seat and flew out of the car before I even processed what had happened. All over a train whistle. This can't be good.