Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thyroid - ectomy

I should probably be asleep, but my mom has me addicted to Farm Town on Facebook, so I had to check on my farm!

So, about my surgery.

The surgeon was late, which is why I was playing Farm Town in pre-op. I don't remember anything about surgery, because I was of course totally out of it. I was texting my boss when I got the sleepy drugs, and my last words to her were 'nighty night' ;-)

Woke up hearing a nurse telling someone on the phone that I had my entire thyroid out. If you remember, it was only supposed to be the right side and 'maybe' the left side if he right had malignant cells.

I never saw the surgeon after the surgery but he told my husband that the nodule was on the left, too, and I would have ended up having it out in 2-3 years anyway, so he chose to do it all at once. So, I don't have to worry about a second surgery tomorrow. However, that means my pathology report is no longer a rush and so I won't know whether or not it was cancer for at least a week.

The other bad news is that because they removed the whole thyroid, I will need to be on hormone replacements for the rest of my life. I am not on anything at this moment, and so am anxious to hear when I will start those meds and how they will be regulated. I guess that getting just the right dose is an artform and if its wrong I'll gain (even more) weight and be tired all the time. My RE recommended a regular endocrinologist for me, so I am hoping to get in to see him, and soon.

I think the surgeon or his resident will be in tomorrow morning, so I can get all my questions answered then, before they release me.

Regarding my recovery, the pain meds made me itchy, so I had some Benadryl which made me sleepy until about 8pm. I had sent my mom and husband home earlier, but when I woke up, I felt fine. I had only had Tylenol for a headache since my surgery, so no real pain meds, which is good. I took a real drug - Percocet - right before DH brought the boys up to say good night, because I thought I might be moving around more with them here. But otherwise, I think I'll be almost 100% tomorrow.

I have about a 4" incision at the base of my throat, only covered with one layer of bandage right now, no big deal. However, there is a 'suture removal kit' taped to the hand rail on my bed. I don't know if that means they'll take sutures out tomorrow, or if this is a take home deal, or what :o So, I'm definitely anxious to hear from a surgeon tomorrow to figure out what all is going on.

Oh, and no drain. Which was like the best news ever. Just the idea of a drain makes me want to barf.

Thanks to everyone for their warm wishes and advice. Keep 'em coming til we get the results back, okay?

p.s. Typical husband - DH got lazy in my absence and chose sleep over organization, so he sent the boys to daycare this morning in the SAME CLOTHES they worse yesterday. So embarrassing!


PJ said...

I heard farm town was fun, maybe I should check it out. Or maybe not, lol!

I'm hypothyroid. The RE found it a few years ago. (gag, a few years ago and I'm still at the RE!). Anyway, he sent me to a regular endo doc and she just checks me out every 3-4 months and messes with the dosages based on my TSH. I take synthroid every morning. No big deal, really. I think I have Hashimoto's, because I saw a Rheumatologist a few months ago that said the reason I'm hypothyroid is that my immune system is attacking my thyroid. Apparently that's usually the case.

I hope your biopsy comes out negative for cancer. And, I hope you recover quickly!

Anonymous said...

In case of follicular neoplasm, only 17% of tumors removedare actually cancerous, therefore hormonal replacement may only be required.

JamieD said...

I am so glad the surgery went well! I do hate that you lost all of your thyroid but you are right - at least he saw the nodules right away and saved you a second surgery.

Definitely get a regular endocrinologist - it will make the regulating of your meds much easier since that is their primary field.

Continuing to hold you in my heart and send out many prayers for negative biopsies.

G$ said...

Oh my! Unexpected to wake up and have it all gone, but not having two surgeries sounds ok too. I will keep you in my thoughts that the path comes back ok.

I hope you are feeling better now (I am a few days late to this party).

bikol said...

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