Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Last night, while sitting in the Walgreens parking lot with the boys while DH went inside to pick up a prescription, I found myself seated next to another idling vehicle. Inside was what at first appeared to be a large bearded man in a local grocery store uniform. But then, I noticed the pony tail and breasts. It was indeed a bearded lady. She was smoking and talking to the driver in her vehicle, apparently waiting like me.

Waiting patiently for DH, I let my mind wander to how unfortunate it must be, how I would make laser hair removal a big budget priority if I had this affliction, etc. etc. etc. Finally, my mind wandered elsewhere. However, a few minutes later, I looked over, and the driver of the vehicle had leaned forward...\and the driver was PLUCKING HER EYEBROWS. Ironic, huh?

Text Messages
My SIL and I's pregnancies overlapped, so we were always calling and texting each other with our daily food report - confessing how much and what variety of fattening foods we had just consumed. I had the boys two months ago, she had her little girl last Thursday. Earlier this week, we had the following exchange:

A to SIL: We probably shouldn't do this since we're not pregnancy anymore, but I just ate the most delicious and fatty cheeseburger at McD's.

SIL to A: I'm jealous.

A to SIL: I'm fat.

The weight which had dropped off on its own before (was up to about 230 on d-day), has now plateaued and I am hovering around 180 which is to me is still like 50 pounds overweight for my 5'4" frame, but only about 13 pounds heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight (thank you, fertility treatments!). And my body has changed shape. I definitely have a FUPA. So gross! I eat frozen diet entrees for lunch, but eat whatever I want for dinner and don't exercise, and am aghast when the scale stays the same. MUST.CHANGE.SOMETHING.

The boys had their 2-month appointment last week. Both weigh around 11 pounds. Both are smiling and cooing. Both are sleeping through the night. We are so blessed!

My DH started his new job yesterday. He went ZERO days unemployed, which I think is absolutely amazing, given the economy. He took a cut in pay, but gets a straight 8-5, M-F job so he can have a family and friends. I get to have the marriage I signed up for.

My follow up appointment is next Monday, 6/22. I will get my pathology report then. I still have not crashed. And am still hoping the hormone replacement therapy will help me with the topic discussed under Me.


Jess to the Lo said...

So glad to hear you are doing well! I sure hope you let us know about your thyroid as soon as you find out; I hope it's nothing!

Don't worry about the weight, they say 9 months on 9 months off. It took me almost to the day 9 months to take off the last of the baby weight. I hated that it took that long, but it did come off.

Such good news about your twins! They are growing so quickly!!

JamieD said...

I love the bearded lady story!! Definitely ironic. Doesn't notice the beard, but much pluck the eyebrows . . . very weird.

Glad to hear the boys are growing and happy! Post pics when you get time - I would love to see them! Are their personalities very different? It has always facinated me to see twins who are so very different from each other when you know they have grown up together and had the same experiences.

Hoping for nothing but good news from your pathology report. Thinking of you!