Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

So, I'm sitting on the couch surfing the internet for pics of a fertility goddess to post here, because 1) I am procrastinating from getting ready to go visit our first daycare center and 2) I think I looked like one in the mirror this morning. But they are all so horribly distasteful with either grossly exaggerated breasts or ginormous fat rolls that I cannot honestly say I look THAT bad ... yet. But I'm sure you could see the resemblance.

Yesterday, we had dinner with DH's family about 30 minutes from here. His family is close, mine is far. It probably was good that I just saw my family last weekend. We came home from that dinner and enjoyed the afternoon/evening together. That was my favorite part of the whole day, just hanging out on the couch with him. Even though we cannot feel them kick on the outside, he still likes to touch by belly and gets a sappy smile on his face whenever it pokes out of my clothes.

Today, my DH is at work, but he is taking Sat, Sun, Mon off and we are headed to Branson for a few nights alone. Yay for us! I have to work in Springfield on Monday, so its a win win deal for us. I have not made our hotel or cabin arrangements yet because I wanted to see how I felt. I think the worst of my cold is over, so I'm going to go ahead and book something today. This being the holiday weekend, I hope we don't get stuck at some Cardboard Inn.

Before he left, I had him drag all the Christmas stuff out of the basement. I am thinking of purging some of the things I don't use anymore. For example, stuff I've received as gifts that just don't fit in our home, and even an entire room of decor that used to be the spare bedroom, but is now the nursery and so it won't match. But all of that will have to wait until this afternoon. I've put a few things up, and my biggest challenge is the mantel. We just had our mantel built this summer, so it is the first time I've gotten to decorate it, and we have vaulted ceilings in this room, so I have to have tall things, and things that hang, and its a bit of a challenge. This may take weeks. Weeks that I don't really have, because I should be shopping for other people and getting that list completed, not buying for myself!

I am procrastinating on getting ready to go visit this daycare center because I just don't think there is a snowball's chance we could ever afford a center for twins. I did propose to DH's aunt yesterday that she maybe watch the kids a couple of days a week in our home this summer, which she said she would do, but she didn't bring it up again after we first discussed it before dinner. I think I will keep checking out our other options (in home, or in our home with a nanny), and even see if the centers in our area offer part time fee schedules before I bring it up again. She is a school teacher, and a fabulous woman who would be a wonderful influence on our kids. We could pay her a little something, but the whole point would be to save money, so it woudln't be much. Tough call. As a rule, I hate to ask favors of or do business with family, because I just have heard too many stories of how it can mess things up.

Ok, I'd better get some makeup on this face and get going to LPA. At this point, I'm hoping its a depressing place where I wouldn't choose to send my children, even if I did have the money. Wish me luck!


Somewhat Ordinary said...

I have one as my avatar! You are so right about the grossly exaggerated breasts and ginormous fat rolls. I doubt ANYONE ever looked like that while pregnant.

Good luck with the day care! I know the first one I looked at was the most prestigious in our area and I left thinking "there is no way in hell I'm putting my kid there."

JamieD said...

I can see where, at that expense, NO ONE would ever look forward to day care scouting.

Have fun decorating for Christmas! I remember moving into our house and it was my first mantle to decorate. I was so excited to be able to hang stockings off of it but then I was at a loss. Eventually I got a Nativity scene that fit perfectly. Have fun decorating!

sushilover said...

Let us know how the daycare went. I'm in the same boat. My only hope is getting into my work day care that is slightly discounted (but still high for two) unfortunately it has a 3 year waiting list. Fabulous.