Monday, January 30, 2012

Had a Bad Day

So, I had a bad day. It seems like so much of what has been churning around me has started to come crashing down around me. So, a little whining to vent it all and then some reality check. Are you in?

My company is being sued by several people who were involved in an accident where the driver of their vehicle was cited for an illegal left turn/failure to yield to oncoming traffic. Our driver was not cited. Yet we are being sued. I had my first meeting with our lawyer. And on Wednesday at 9am I go to my deposition.
I want to do a good job. To tell the truth. Without volunteering additional information that might cost us money. Its a lot of pressure because...
as you've heard, I am still in the running for a new job in KC. My interview is a week from today at 4pm back in Wichita. I can't even think about preparing for that interview until I get past this deposition. All matters of prep will unleash at that time. Because I so want this job to be closer to my family, because its the chance of a lifetime, and the money would be oh so good but also
we have such a good life here where the money is good enough and I could {never ever fail}. Its all so safe and happy (aside from the lawsuit, of course). And I've already had my husband move once, and now I'm asking him to move again, which hurts his resume and all that, so there's some pressure at home even though he's supportive and wants the move, I still have some self-imposed guilty. And then suddenly
a former employee sent me a threatening email last night, and I spent most of the day {when I wasn't preparing for my deposition with our lawyer} writing him back and running my response thru our HR office and our employment law attorney. So, I hit send at 5:18pm and he writes me back at 5:23 I really wish you wouldn't have responded back. Take care which at first just angered me because I was really trying to help him. But the more I read it, the more threatened I feel - like he's gonna get me, or come by our store and wreak havoc. I'm trying not to let it freak me out. So, to destress...
I'm watching the Real Housewives reunion and I hate 5 chocolate chip cookies and I'm on my second glass of wine which is just wretched for my figure but good for my stress. And I let
all of this keep me from my boys tonight, who are the most life giving piece of my life But I'm okay, just venting, and grateful to have this life and these problems and got myself some real perspective when I started
reading some IF blogs I had lost touch with in the past year or so. People who are still losing babies and retrieving eggs and all those familiar and unfamiliar terms. I feel like I left them behind, their journey, their struggle, something that was so much a piece of me not that long ago.
My friend T is enjoying her adventure in India. She started a blog. She emails me everyday. She {loved} the care package. She sent me a picture today of the sad little room where her DH had to submit his swimmers. Men! Only they could get excited in a room like the one I saw! And THAT is funny!
If you care to, please pray for my friend T on her big adventure; please pray for me and my deposition, my job interview, and my safety so my former employee doesn't come get me tomorrow or really anytime until I can safely relocate to KC :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Ambient Stress Relieved

I realized this morning how much stress the baby shower for my friend L. had been causing me. Every day. Every night. Almost every thought was permeated with a checklist of things I should be researching, buying, making, organizing, creating, etc. The results are in the pics below. It was a great afternoon celebrating new life in our little circle of friends here in TX. And I was proud of how cute everything came out. Most of the credit is due to the other hostess. Can you believe people stayed {4 hours} ?!?!

I sent my care package to my friend T. today and took Jamie's advice {thanks friend!} and sent a funny book - Shit my Dad says - His and Hers magazines, some makeup I didn't like {she loves my castoffs and always asks for them} and also some caramel corn and my new favorite mascara. And ... all my love. I am sending Miss T. all my love as she heads to India in search of her BFP via surrogate!

And now I can focus on the {robot} birthday party for my boys coming up in April. Can you believe they're going to be 3??

And now....the pics!

That's me in the blue dress - see! I don't even look flat chested in this dress!

Given my love for the cereal, I can't believe I didn't think this up before -

Fruity Pebbles made into Rice Krispie treats. Yum-o!

The Table....the theme was so we had lots of pop-themed items, cake pops, popcorn, snap crackle pop, etc.
The party favors - little take out boxes with a cake pop to take home.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Care Package Ideas - ??

Quick update on me:

The Boobs
Still adjusting to the boobs, or lack there of. I now have my full range of motion, and am working on scar treatment (bio oil and silicone pads with massage). A 'C' cup bra is still too big for me, but again, I have promised to wait 6 months. And really, I just this week reached the 6-week mark. I promise to wait it out, but between you and me, let's just say I've still got my eye on some implants.....

Kansas City Here we Come ?????
Still no word on whether or not we'll be moving to Kansas City. Should know by the end of February. My boss now says the odds are 98/2 that I'll get it, and he's looking for my replacement and my DH is obsessing over where to live. {sigh}

Care Package Ideas

But the REAL reason for my post is I'm looking for care package ideas for my friend T who is traveling to INDIA in just under 3 weeks to undergo everything up and through egg retrieval to have IVF on her surrogate from INDIA. And of all people in the world you would think me, who has been through two rounds of IVF and a couple rounds of AI would know what to send. But I REALLY want my ideas to be special and this gift to be do any of you have any ideas???????

Also, prayers appreciated for my dear friend K who is 9 weeks pregnant. She has had more miscarriages than I can count, two live healthy fabulous children, no money, and a tumultuous relationship with her husband. She may be bi-polar. After her last miscarriage, she was going to get things taken care of so she couldn't medically get pregnant again and not have to suffer the loss again, because emotionally she didn't think she could sustain it, but she didn't because she can't let go of the thought of having another. Prayers.Greatly.Appreciated for K.