Friday, January 6, 2012

Care Package Ideas - ??

Quick update on me:

The Boobs
Still adjusting to the boobs, or lack there of. I now have my full range of motion, and am working on scar treatment (bio oil and silicone pads with massage). A 'C' cup bra is still too big for me, but again, I have promised to wait 6 months. And really, I just this week reached the 6-week mark. I promise to wait it out, but between you and me, let's just say I've still got my eye on some implants.....

Kansas City Here we Come ?????
Still no word on whether or not we'll be moving to Kansas City. Should know by the end of February. My boss now says the odds are 98/2 that I'll get it, and he's looking for my replacement and my DH is obsessing over where to live. {sigh}

Care Package Ideas

But the REAL reason for my post is I'm looking for care package ideas for my friend T who is traveling to INDIA in just under 3 weeks to undergo everything up and through egg retrieval to have IVF on her surrogate from INDIA. And of all people in the world you would think me, who has been through two rounds of IVF and a couple rounds of AI would know what to send. But I REALLY want my ideas to be special and this gift to be do any of you have any ideas???????

Also, prayers appreciated for my dear friend K who is 9 weeks pregnant. She has had more miscarriages than I can count, two live healthy fabulous children, no money, and a tumultuous relationship with her husband. She may be bi-polar. After her last miscarriage, she was going to get things taken care of so she couldn't medically get pregnant again and not have to suffer the loss again, because emotionally she didn't think she could sustain it, but she didn't because she can't let go of the thought of having another. Prayers.Greatly.Appreciated for K.


Jenn said...

glad that you're healing well, and congrats on the job! We lived in KC for several years, and I miss it.. It's such a great city! Hoping your friend has a safe and uneventful pregnancy! :)

Jamie said...

Prayers for your friend - what a hard, hard situation to be in.

Kansas City is a fun place! And would be closer to your family, right?

My new care package staple is funny books. It seems like everyone is (or is trying to be) more health conscious so I've stopped giving candy (but feel free to send me chocolate anytime). But laughter truly is the best medicine. I'll go to Barnes & Noble and shop the humor secion for something funny that doesn't require a lot of reading. There is one book that is nothing but submissions of funny family picture that doesn't require much reading at all and the pictures are HYSTERICAL. I've given that one to a few people.

Jamie said...

Here's the book. I guess it started as a blog - who knew! Now I have a whole new time waster!!