Monday, January 16, 2012

Ambient Stress Relieved

I realized this morning how much stress the baby shower for my friend L. had been causing me. Every day. Every night. Almost every thought was permeated with a checklist of things I should be researching, buying, making, organizing, creating, etc. The results are in the pics below. It was a great afternoon celebrating new life in our little circle of friends here in TX. And I was proud of how cute everything came out. Most of the credit is due to the other hostess. Can you believe people stayed {4 hours} ?!?!

I sent my care package to my friend T. today and took Jamie's advice {thanks friend!} and sent a funny book - Shit my Dad says - His and Hers magazines, some makeup I didn't like {she loves my castoffs and always asks for them} and also some caramel corn and my new favorite mascara. And ... all my love. I am sending Miss T. all my love as she heads to India in search of her BFP via surrogate!

And now I can focus on the {robot} birthday party for my boys coming up in April. Can you believe they're going to be 3??

And now....the pics!

That's me in the blue dress - see! I don't even look flat chested in this dress!

Given my love for the cereal, I can't believe I didn't think this up before -

Fruity Pebbles made into Rice Krispie treats. Yum-o!

The Table....the theme was so we had lots of pop-themed items, cake pops, popcorn, snap crackle pop, etc.
The party favors - little take out boxes with a cake pop to take home.

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Jamie said...

The shower came out great!! The table pic is beautiful. As are the hostesses and mom-to-be :-)

OMG - Shit My Dad Says is so funny!! I remember sitting on the couch reading it and I was laughing so hard I wasn't even making sound anymore. Good choice!!