Tuesday, September 4, 2012

10 Days and Counting....

I am home with a sick little Will today.  On Saturday night, he was up All.Night.Long.  I literally got two hours of sleep between coughing fits.  And he had a fever.  And then when I gave him some Tylenol, he threw up. 

I was counting the minutes until I could take him to the urgent care for kiddos near our home.  He has some antibiotics and a diagnosis of strep on his side, though he tested negative for the in-office test, the doctor didn't make us wait a few days for the full lab results.  Whew!

He seems to better today, though he still had a fever when he woke up this morning.  I've  never seen him that sick before.  He actually slept on my lap while waiting to see the doctor. Poor little dude.

All four of us were laying in our bed Sunday morning, trying to squeeze a few more minutes of rest (notice I said rest, not sleep) out of what had been a harrowing night of trying to keep Will upright so as to reduce the coughing.
At about 6:15am, out of nowhere, we hear the guy in the apartment behind us....like literally behind our heads in bed....scream in the most enraged, scary, out of control way...something about not hitting him because he doesn't hit her.  And then their baby cried once.  And then there was some thuds.  And then maybe a car left.  The whole episode took about 30 seconds, but I'm still reeling from the violence in his rage.
I was frozen, panicked.  DH and I reached out our hands for comfort.  And I wondered to myself 1) when do I call 911? and 2) I wonder if we'll all be shot in bed from stray bullets?  I am being a bit dramatic, due to the fact that it didn't last all that long.  But it scared both of us enough we were still thinking about it as we laid down for bed last night. 
We have 10 days before we move to KC.  6 more nights in this apartment (thanks to a 4-night cruise in between).
I was not made to have my family live in an apartment, and although the past few weeks have passed by quite easily (I think partially because we booked the cruise! and had that to look forward to and also because my work schedule has been crazy busy) I'm just so ready to be in our new house.

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Jamie said...

I hope you guys had a great time one the cruise and that your move was easy peasy :-)