Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hunger Games

It could be the title to my life right now Hunger Games. Because I am watching what I eat very
closely to take off what I gained over the winter. Almost there!

But it is also the title of the book I read in like 40 hours this weekend, plus packed in a ton of
other activities. I am a mad woman when it comes to getting this house ready to put on the marked. mad.woman. Between decorating and hanging things and buying things and returning things and hiring people, I'm working at breakneck speed to meet our 4/16 deadline. And, of
course, we are hosting the boys' 3rd birthday (robot party!) the day.before.we.list. Smart, right?! Or not.

Anyway, loved the book. Enhaled it, really, and am looking forward to returning the power washer my DH and I borrowed from our friends tomorrow night so I can borrow yet
another item from them (they're givers!) which is Catching Fire the second in the Hunger Games trilogy.


Yes, I am totally into another teen series. Its almost as bad as my addiction to Sixteen and
Pregnant and Teen Mom.

DH spent two days of his life power washing our fence this weekend and is out playing golf with friends this afternoon. I also was DD last night so he could embibe at dinner. (I'm a giver, too!) (Especially when he's doing manual labor that I abhore!) That meant the boys and I were batching it most of the weekend. They were good little shopping buddies yesterday for hours and hours. So, today I felt like staying home. They're having a movie night after I treated them to a
bath in my garden tub. And after they helped me make dinner. I'm all about ground turkey recipes on Pinterest these days.

So, I'm not about to turn this into a foodie blog, but I did want to share these

Here is the obligatory ingredient shot. The recipe was some sort of Asian Turkey Meatball

When I started there was only one little boy awake,

so it seemed like the perfect quiet afternoon activity

Will was very proud of himself! I'm pretty sure a professional blogger would have cropped all the crap on the counter out of this pic, and actually shot this pic with a decent camera, not the $100 discount camera she carries for work.

I think his favorite part was juicing the lime.

Look who woke up and joined us!

Momma, you funny!
12 little meatballs sitting in the pan
And voila!


Jamie said...

I am right there with you on The Hunger Games!! I was a little hesitant to start them since I ended up not being a big Twilight fan (I enjoyed the books but wasn't a super fan).

I also inhaled the books. I'm making Skeeter crazy because anytime he's distracted with his trains or cars, I would pick it up to get in a couple more pages.

The meatballs look delish!!

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