Monday, April 30, 2012

Do Over

Some days...very early on...I just feel overwhelmed by how much is not going my way and wish I could have one of those wonderful things of my youth - the Do Over!  Here was my day...

I have been chosen to sit in the courtroom in Tyler, TX for 1-2 weeks at the end of the month (depending on how long the trial lasts) during the litigation where we’re sued by the people who pulled out in front of our driver last year in February.

To do this, I had to clear my calendar which included an appointment with my endocrinologist (read: doctor who helps me keep the thyroid cancer way).  He is impossible to get in to.  And his next available appointment was in October, after we move to KC.  But he is a good doctor and I wanted to stick with him and have a sonogram of my thyroid before I move.  Miraculously, when she searched backwards, the appointment setter found me an appointment at 11am today.  Sold!

Unfortunately, Jack also had an appointment this morning at 8:40am previously scheduled as a follow up to the corneal abrasion he had last week, just to make sure everything had healed.

So, I asked DH last night to take the kids to school this morning for me so I could work from home for about an hour before I went to go pick up Jack from school to take him to the eye doctor.  Not starting to think he's not so D. H. gave me some questions about “why” this was important.  He didn’t really say no, and he may have just been curious but I always hear it like it’s a major inconvenience for him.  And if he thinks that’s an inconvenience, then he should try to take the boys to their appointments!

We also need to keep the house in tip top shape because we still have backup showings that pop up mid-day and we can’t run home and clean up for them, plus the appraisal was today and we definitely want it to appraise for as much as we’re selling it for, so … DH had done nothing around the house so while he was in the shower this morning, I was folding and putting away laundry for him, me and the boys, making beds, emptying trash cans, emptying the dishwasher, reloading the dishwasher, cleaning his dishes from yesterday that were on the stove, etc. etc. etc.

 As I retrieved Jack from school to take him to his appointment, I noticed my shirt was wet, and that was because Jack had leaked through his pull up and now I was wearing his urine on my shirt.  Plus, his shorts were soaked.  So, I decided I would change him in the bathroom when we got to the eye doctor.

But I couldn’t find the eye doctor, and by the time I got turned around and actually got to the correct parking lot, I realized it’s a huge complex and every way I turn either leads me to an exit or doctor parking.  Luckily, I had been on hold with their office for about 5 minutes to notify them that we were lost and so they were able to talk me in from the parking lot.

Whipped in, got Jack changed, and went to his appointment where he was wonderful.  I mean, he cried when they put drops in his eyes, but he was patient and funny and did everything they asked.  Bright spot in my day is how wonderfully smart and funny and sweet that boy is.  Hard to believe he came from me!

The only problem was they dilated his eyes and they didn’t tell me it would require an additional 15 minutes of just waiting for that to work before we could be seen again.  Which made the time between Jack’s appointment ending (10:15) and my appointment starting (11:00) in Dallas too short for me to take him back to school before going to my appointment, which meant I had to take him with me.  And I wouldn’t be able to get him back to school in time for lunch or naptime, so I basically knew at that point I was going to have to fake a full day of vacation and do zero of the things I’d like to do with a vacation day. Like shop. Or get a pedicure.  Or read 50 Shades of Grey.  Or try a new recipe. Or exercise. Or sleep.

So, we get to my doctor’s appointment early – 10:45 and wait for A FULL FUCKING HOUR before I’m frustrated and tired of entertaining Jack so I ask the receptionist how much longer its going to be, to which she replies there’s still another person in front of me waiting to go back.  So, I instantly become unglued but utter only two sentences.  1) I’m leaving.  And as I’m storming out with Jack 2) I’ll find another doctor.  I’m partially mad at myself for not calling to see if they were running on schedule, but if those inconsiderate sons of bitches could have just called ahead, I could have taken Jack back to school, arrived closer to the time he would see me rather than my appointment and probably been in a much better mood despite the 10 things that had already gone wrong today.

So, I drove home.  Jack ate lunch and napped.  I called into a conference call for work during the nap.  And then I dropped my sweet little one off at school so I could have some time to myself.   And made up for the day, partially, by dropping some paperwork off at the title office for our closing in a few weeks.  And I got a pedicure.  And I did some shopping.  I need some new clothes for my new job, and the trial, and this fishing trip I'm going on this weekend.  Plus, with all this stress, I've been eating lots and lots of carbs and chocolate and drinking plenty of carby beer and wine so I'm a bloated cow.

Ok.  For tomorrow, I'm calling it.  Do.Over.

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Jamie said...

Yes - that day deserves a do over for sure. And chocolate! And wine!!

We had a day like that last week. By bedtime I was so exhausted I was all, "Go ahead, they're just steak knives." I didn't have any fight left in me. I can't imagine doing it with two!!